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How much is the automobile oil pump? High-pressure oil pump failure

How much is the car oil pump?The oil pump is also a light and compact pump. An oil pump with a casing made of aluminum-containing material and a movable molded part arranged in the casing are proposed, wherein the movable molded part is at least partially made of a sinterable iron-based alloy material containing at least one austenite, and the molded part made of a sinterable material has a thermal expansion coefficient which is at least 60% of the thermal expansion coefficient of the casing.There are two main types of gasoline pumps, namely, gasoline pumps and diesel engines. So when the oil pump is damaged, how much does it cost to change the oil pump?In fact, the price of oil pump is mainly determined according to the specific car model, as well as the price and size of oil pump. Because this part is located in the engine, the replacement process is complicated, so it is generally around 1000 yuan, and if it is a high-grade car, it will be more expensive.The reason why the car oil pump is broken, many car owners have doubts about whether the car oil pump will be damaged, and what causes the truck oil pump damage?1. Unreasonable behavior during refueling may cause oil pump damage.2. When the owner refuels the car, try not to wait for the fuel alarm light to come on before refueling. Doing so will shorten the service life of the oil pump, and the oil pump may be burned down if there is too little oil or the fuel runs out.3. Try not to fill up the car at one time. If you often drive in the urban area and it is convenient to fill up, you don't need to fill up at one time, because this may lead to oil floating and sensor failure, distortion of the fuel gauge and increase fuel consumption. Therefore, it is recommended that the owner should fill up when the fuel consumption is similar.Analysis of the Faults of High-pressure Oil Pump in Diesel Engine High-pressure Oil Pump is called the "heart" of diesel engine, and it is the most important component in the fuel supply system of diesel engine. Its fundamental function is to supply high-pressure diesel oil to the fuel injector regularly and quantitatively. Whether the high-pressure oil pump of diesel engine works normally or not has a vital influence on the work of all diesel engines.The reason why the diesel engine can't start is that the low pressure oil circuit can't supply oil to the high pressure oil pump.Cab oil pump 1, there is air in the oil circuit, which blocks the fuel from entering the oil supply cavity of the high-pressure oil pump. For diesel engines that have been placed for a long time, this is a normal appearance. The treatment method is to loosen the air bleeding screw of the high-pressure oil pump, transfer oil to the high-pressure oil pump by hand pump, clean up the air, and then tighten the air bleeding screw. If it doesn't work, you can loosen the oil pipe joint of the filter to bleed air first, and then use the air bleeding screw to bleed air.2. The low-pressure oil circuit is blocked, which makes the low-pressure oil chamber of the high-pressure oil pump oil-free. The blocked parts mainly include the oil inlet filter screen and filter element of the oil transfer pump. The reason for the blockage is dirty, which is attributed to the change of normal skill. If found, it should be removed or replaced immediately.3. The low-pressure oil pump can not supply oil to the high-pressure oil pump, the piston of the oil pump is severely worn or damaged, and the spring or other parts are damaged, which can cause the appearance of this problem. Find out the reason and replace it.4. The oil pipeline supplying oil to the high-pressure oil pump or its connecting part is seriously leaking. Check whether the oil pipe joint is loose and the oil pipe is damaged. Tighten the loose oil pipe and replace the damaged oil pipe.The company specializes in producing all kinds of truck accessories, mainly including cab lift oil pump, cab lift oil cylinder, forklift tilt oil cylinder and steering oil cylinder. At present, the company is dominated by European truck accessories, such as VLVO Volvo truck, BENZ truck, SCANIA Caina truck, Manman truck, RENAULT Renault truck, IVECO Iveco truck, DAF Duff truck and other http://www.hualongjx.cn/.

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