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Application of stainless steel gear oil pump and troubleshooting of hydraulic oil pump

Stainless steel gear oil pump is one of the main products of our company. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high requirements for sanitary conditions, reliable product quality and stable performance. It is your preferred good manufacturer.

With the basic improvement of China's health system and facilities and the rapid development of hydropower, the market demand for stainless steel gear pumps in China is also rising, and the expansion of the demand market also provides great development space for China's stainless steel manufacturing enterprises, At the same time, stimulated by demand, China's stainless steel pump industry has also begun to develop rapidly in recent years, and now it has certain advantages in technology and marketing service network.

The national policy encourages the expansion of the application field of stainless steel. The use of stainless steel instead of ordinary carbon steel in some fields is not only conducive to improving product quality, but also conducive to saving resources. At present, the proportion of stainless steel consumption in China is only half of that in developed countries. Therefore, the State encourages the use of stainless steel in more fields, I believe the stainless steel pump industry will be more prosperous.

With the increasingly fierce market competition, improving quality, reducing consumption, high yield and high efficiency have become an important goal of production management of enterprises. The stainless steel gear pump market, as the source power of pipeline transmission, has developed rapidly. As one of the gear pump industries, truck oil pump has more confidence and believes that our future will be broader and brighter.

Various faults may occur in the hydraulic oil pump of the truck mounted crane. Wang Gong, the after-sales technician of the truck mounted crane, combined with the lessons of many years, roughly analyzed the following aspects:.

1. The wear caused by fine particles (dust and other foreign matters) is a common cause of oil pump failure. Its scene is that the energy and speed of the hydraulic system decrease, and the circular flow of small particles into the hydraulic system causes the wear of the whole machine, especially the wear of the end face of the shaft sleeve, bearing hole and journal. Small particles enter the system and contaminate the hydraulic oil, It also accelerates the wear of the whole machine.

2. The wear caused by metal particles and the damage of metal particles to the whole machine can gradually or very suddenly make the surface of the whole machine appear rough or deep grooves according to the quantity and size. Due to the metal particles in the hydraulic oil, the rest of the whole machine is damaged, incompletely cleaned or repaired.

3. Overheating. Overheating refers to the fact that there are ablation marks in the name of the whole machine, which hardens the O-ring and sealing ring. If the temperature exceeds 150 ℃ in a short time, the above results will be produced. Overheating is usually caused by the high opening pressure of the safety valve. In each cycle, the local hydraulic oil of the cab oil pump will throttle when the safety valve is opened, so that the oil temperature is too high, If the valve is damaged or blocked to strengthen the throttling effect, overheating will also occur. When the oil pump is short of oil or cut off, overheating will also be caused. If the viscosity of the oil does not meet the standard, overheating will also be caused.

4. Cavitation. In the liquid flow, assuming that the pressure gauge at a certain point is lower than the saturated vapor pressure of the liquid at the current temperature, the liquid begins to boil and form bubbles. The truck crane manufacturer is equipped with water tank, power machine, nozzle, spray gun and other watering functions on the carriage on the premise of ensuring the operation stability and safety of motor transport vehicles and the whole vehicle. In addition, An aerial platform can also be installed on the boom, which is equipped with sprinkler, transportation (discharge nozzle), dump truck and aerial platform. At the same time, the air dissolved in oil will be separated to form bubbles. Bubbles are mixed in the oil to form a hollow scene. The blockage of oil inlet pipe of oil pump or too small pipe diameter will cause cavitation. Therefore, beware of air entering the hydraulic system, It is also an important measure to avoid the above faults.

5. The oil pressure is too high. When the safety valve fails, the oil pressure will be too high. When the pressure is significantly too high, the gear pump shaft will be broken or the pipe shell will be broken.

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