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Deburring method and common fault maintenance of gear oil pump

Method for axial clearance of gear oil pump:.

1、 Select a box wrench (preferred) or open-ended wrench of appropriate specification, and select an outer diameter micrometer of 0 ~ 25mm.

2、 Select 2 sections with appropriate soft lead wire diameter (0.5 < D < 1.3mm), and the length of each section is about the circumference of the gear pitch circle.

3、 Lead wire pressing operation.

1) Assemble the driving and driven gears.

2) Paste three sections of soft lead wires on the pitch circle of the driving and driven gears respectively with grease.

3) Install the pump cover (including gasket and shaft sleeve), and tighten the nuts symmetrically and evenly in 2 ~ 3 times.

4) Unscrew the pump cover nut symmetrically and evenly, remove the pump cover, remove the soft lead wire and clean it.

5) Select 4 measuring points on each lead wire piece, measure the thickness of soft lead wire piece with outer diameter micrometer and make measurement records.

4、 Measurement data analysis.

1) Calculate the average of the 8 measured values, which is the axial clearance.

2) According to the comparison between the measured axial clearance value and the normal value range (generally 0.06 ~ 0.10mm, the allowable range of low-pressure gear pump is 0.10 ~ 0.25mm), it is concluded that it can be used or needs maintenance.

Truck oil pump.

When the main technical indexes of the gear oil pump fail to meet the requirements after the smooth oil is worn, it shall be disassembled and disassembled, the worn parts and degree shall be found out, and corresponding methods shall be adopted for repair. With the increase of application time, the gear oil pump will show faults such as lack of pump oil or even no pump oil. The main reason is that the wear of relevant parts is too large. The worn parts of the gear pump mainly include driving shaft and bushing, Forced gear center hole and shaft pin, pump housing inner cavity and gear, gear end face and pump cover, etc.

1、 Repair of the worn driving shaft and bushing gear oil pump after the wear of the driving shaft and bushing, the cooperation gap will increase, which will inevitably affect the pump oil volume. In this case, the normal cooperation gap can be recovered by repairing the driving shaft or bushing. If the wear of the driving shaft is slight, just press out the old bushing and replace it with a standard bushing, and the cooperation gap can be recovered to the allowable range, If the driving shaft and bushing are seriously worn and the matching gap exceeds the standard, not only the bushing shall be replaced, but also the diameter of the driving shaft shall be increased by chromium plating or oscillating surfacing, and then ground to the standard scale to meet the matching requirements with the bushing.

2、 The gear of the gear pump is mainly worn at the tooth thickness, while the wear of the oil pump in the cab and the tooth top of the gear end face is relatively light. The gear is worn on one side at the tooth thickness, so the gear can be turned over 180 degrees. When the gear end face is worn, the end face can be ground flat and the contact surface of the oil pump shell can be ground smooth, To ensure that the clearance between the gear oil pump end face and the pump cover is within the standard range.

3、 When the wear depth of the working plane of the pump cover exceeds 0.1mm, the method of turning first and then grinding shall be adopted to repair the bushing hole of the driving shaft: the repair method for the wear of the bushing hole of the driving shaft on the pump cover is the same as that of the housing. The repair of the working plane of the pump cover: if the wear of the working plane of the pump cover is small, The wear trace can be eliminated by manual grinding, that is, put a small amount of valve sand on the channel or thick glass plate, and then put the pump cover on it for grinding until the wear trace is eliminated and the working surface is flat.

4、 After the ball valve seat is worn, a steel ball can be placed on the valve seat, and then the steel ball can be gently knocked with a metal rod until the ball valve and the valve seat are closed. If the valve seat is seriously worn, the wear mark can be removed first, and then the above method can be used to make it close. After the plunger valve seat is worn, a small amount of valve sand can be put in for grinding until the sealing stops.

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