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Selection of no suction and no pressure control valve for hydraulic cylinder

The price of steering power hydraulic cylinder is in use. If the inspection and maintenance are not timely, it is prone to failure. The hydraulic cylinder does not absorb oil or oil, but the oil outlet has no pressure. This failure is mainly due to the blockage of filter element, the blockage of oil pipeline due to rubber's lack of oil corrosion resistance, leakage at pipeline connection, air entry, wear of pump parts and excessive clearance, so the leakage is large and the oil outlet of pump has no pressure, The oil does not meet the requirements, the viscosity is too large, the blade sliding resistance is large, and the oil level in the oil storage tank is too low.

At this time, clean the filter element with alcohol, replace the pipeline and oil, check and fasten all connecting parts to prevent air from entering, repair the booster hydraulic pump, replace the severely worn parts, replace the hydraulic oil at the specified hydraulic cylinder price, and add oil to the specified oil level.

The excessive noise of the hydraulic cylinder may be caused by the air entering the pump, or the pressure impact is too large, the safety valve is damaged and inoperative, or the pressure is adjusted too high, or the oil suction resistance is too large and the pump is worn too much. Check the fastening of each joint to prevent air from entering. Check the safety valve of the cylinder. The pressure should be adjusted to 13Mpa. Replace the oil suction pipe and disassemble and inspect the booster hydraulic pump, Replace severely worn parts.

The fracture of the steering hydraulic cylinder shaft is caused by killing in one direction and staying for too long during use. Therefore, during use, pay attention not to kill in one direction and stay for too long. The hydraulic oil leakage of the hydraulic cylinder is serious. In use, if it is found that the liquid level of the oil storage tank drops rapidly and the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic cylinder is replenished more, great attention should be paid.

If the replenishment of hydraulic oil is too large, the causes shall be found from the following aspects: the connecting oil pipe of each part is damaged, the joint is not fastened, leakage, oil tank is damaged, hydraulic oil leakage, steering gear oil seal is damaged, hydraulic oil leakage is large, steering hydraulic pump oil seal is damaged, and hydraulic oil flows into the engine crankcase. If such faults are found, the engine shall be stopped immediately, To prevent the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic cylinder from mixing into the engine oil, resulting in deterioration of the engine oil and failure of the engine bearing bush.

In the hydraulic cylinder, whether the selection of the control valve is reasonable or not will have a great impact. When selecting the control valve in the hydraulic tilt cylinder, it is mainly considered from two aspects, the first is the selection of the proportional direction valve, and the other is the selection of the inlet pressure compensator.

Usually, we can combine different valves as needed. For example, we can use the throttling control proportional directional valve of the hydraulic cylinder with the constant differential pressure reducing valve to form a differential pressure compensated proportional directional flow valve. The controlled flow of this flow valve mainly depends on the input electrical signal, It will not be affected by the change of oil supply pressure and load pressure. Generally, the differential pressure of constant differential pressure reducing valve is 1.ompa.

After the differential pressure is determined, the flow of the proportional direction valve of the hydraulic cylinder can be determined in this way: the input signal corresponding to the maximum flow actually passing through the proportional direction valve should be close to 90% of the rated input signal, and the input signal corresponding to the minimum flow actually passing through the proportional direction valve should be greater than the dead zone of the proportional direction valve, which can not only improve the resolution of the flow, It can also avoid crawling problems.

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