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The influence of Environment on the hydraulic cylinder needs to filter the hydraulic oil regularly

The influence of the use environment on the hydraulic cylinder is obvious, especially when the hydraulic cylinder is working in the environment of wind and rain, sea water or high temperature invasion for a long time, every part of the hydraulic cylinder is prone to corrosion and rust, not only the metal parts, but also the seals made of rubber will be adversely affected.

So, should choose accordingly with antirust function of hydraulic oil cylinder, and according to the extent of the impact of antirust paint, electroplating or corrosion resistant materials such as stainless steel, in addition to these natural climate condition, the influence of hydraulic oil cylinder and is likely to withstand external impact, and produce a mark, at this time, must improve the surface hardness of the piston rod, to ensure that the hydraulic oil cylinder is in good condition.

The temperature of the hydraulic system is required, so strictly to avoid the occurrence of high temperature phenomenon, in addition to the implementation, from the aspects of hydraulic oil in hydraulic control rod manipulation and distributing valve, also need to strive to smooth, truck cylinder shoulds not be too fast, too fast, at the same time, the cooling system should also be timely maintenance, keep the temperature of the cooling system in a suitable range.

Hydraulic oil is the hydraulic medium used by the hydraulic system using liquid pressure energy. If the hydraulic cylinder wants to operate normally, it is necessary to use hydraulic oil. So the use state of oil is very important, but it must be paid attention to that before starting up, check the oil level and check whether the oil circuit is open in the correct standby state.

Machine idle running around 5 min, check whether there are air bubbles in the liquid level meter oil exists, if it is a new car or a new change of the hydraulic oil, the oil when idle in the bubble is a normal, such as bubble disappear to allow machine operation, at the same time, please pay close attention to the oil temperature, when the machine work after a period of time, if the oil temperature on the high side suggest stop to rest, to work again after the oil temperature is normal, To extend the service life of the system and oil.

Attention should be paid to the various parameters of the hydraulic system is the hydraulic tilt cylinder is not normal, but also to pay attention to the external characteristics of the system -- sound, if the air intake system, water or oil pipeline is not smooth, will emit abnormal sound, at the same time, the reading of the instrument fluctuation display value is not normal, at this time should be stopped in time, investigation.

Hydraulic cylinder manufacturer stressed that in order to guarantee the normal operation of the hydraulic oil cylinder, the need to filter the hydraulic oil regularly, impurity particles in the oil control within the scope of the regulations, in accordance with the requirements of the machine manual oil change regularly, and change the oil filter, the conditional test, should be based on the results to determine whether an oil change, can also according to the mechanical device use space and system requirements to make oil change cycle, And the oil change cycle into the equipment technical archives.

Hydraulic oil plays a role in energy transfer, wear resistance, system lubrication, corrosion prevention, rust prevention, cooling and other roles in the hydraulic system. In order to better ensure its use state, related work needs to be done before and after use, so that the hydraulic cylinder can also have a better running state.

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