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The reason why the gear oil pump is not oiled when troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting method of gear oil pump:. (1) according to the season, add or replace the engine oil of the required brand to the specified oil level, take out the foreign matter in the oil pipe, and tighten the bolts or nuts at the joints. (2) Replace aged or damaged skeleton oil seal or O-shaped sealing rubber ring. (3) Replace the worn gear oil pump or oil pump shaft sleeve. When the wear is slight, grind the end face flat on the flat plate, and the allowable error of roughness is 0.03 mm. The end face of the upper shaft sleeve is lower than the upper plane of the pump body (the normal value is lower than 2.5 ~ 2.6 mm). In case of out-of-tolerance, add 0.1 ~ 0.2 mm copper sheet to the lower shaft sleeve to compensate, and install it on the rear shaft sleeve. (4) Unloading plate and sealing ring must be installed in the oil inlet chamber, so that the two shaft sleeves can keep balance. The sealing ring of oil pump plate of unloading truck should have a preload of 0.5mm. (5) The elasticity of the guide wire should be able to twist the upper and lower shaft sleeves towards the rotation direction of the driven gear at the same time for a slight angle, so that the machining planes of the two shaft sleeves of the driving and driven gears are closely attached. (6) The unloading groove on the shaft sleeve must be installed on one side of the low pressure chamber to eliminate the harmful dead volume generated when the gears mesh. (7) Before pressing in the self-tightening oil seal, apply a layer of lubricating oil on its surface, and pay attention to that the oil blocking edge faces the front cover and cannot be installed upside down. (8) The "right-hand" pump cannot be installed on the "left-hand" machine, otherwise the skeleton oil seal will be damaged. Gear oil pump is suitable for conveying various lubricating liquids. It is a device that converts mechanical energy into oil pressure energy by means of a pair of intermeshing gears. Cab oil pump is widely used in the lubrication system of air compressor. The fault of oil pump in operation is usually that the oil pressure in the lubrication system decreases, and sometimes even oil cannot be applied. So, what is the reason for the gear oil pump not being applied? 1. The seal between the pump body and the pump cover is poor. 2. Insufficient oil in oil tank. 3. Oil pump parts are seriously worn. 4. The rotation direction is opposite to the specified direction. 5. The oil suction filter is blocked. 6. The oil suction pipeline is not tight, and the one-way valve is stuck. In actual work, different treatments should be carried out according to specific conditions. Special attention should be paid to the sealing of the oil suction pipeline and the sealing between the pump body and the pump cover of the gear oil pump during maintenance. If the suction end is not well sealed, air will leak into the inlet of the oil pump, causing the oil pump to evacuate, which will naturally lead to no oil. Our company specializes in producing various truck accessories, mainly including cab lifting oil pump, cab lifting oil cylinder, forklift tilting oil cylinder and steering oil cylinder. At present, our company mainly focuses on European truck accessories, such as VLVO Volvo truck, BENZ Mercedes-Benz truck, SCANIA Caina truck, Manman truck, RENAULT truck, IVECO Iveco truck, DAF Duff truck and other http://www.hualongjx.cn/.

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