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Use oil pump to save fuel. What are the lines of oil pump?

The oil pump is located in the fuel tank. After using the electronic fuel injection system, the oil pressure will increase. In order to make the output oil pressure of the oil pump as high as possible and keep the pulse as small as possible, passenger cars using electronic fuel injection generally put the oil pump in the oil tank. If the oil level is kept too low, the oil pump will often be in poor lubrication and poor cooling, thus causing unnecessary damage to the oil pump. Precautions for using oil pump:. It is strictly forbidden to add diesel oil to the gear oil for dilution, and do not bake the rear axle and transmission because it affects the start in winter, so as to avoid serious deterioration of the gear oil, and do not confuse the classification marks of engine oil and oil pump. In order to avoid confusion in the calculation standard, it is stipulated that the high classification mark is used for gear oil and the low classification mark is used for engine lubricating oil. General knowledge of oil saving with oil pump:. 1. Diesel oil purification of truck oil pump: Diesel oil contains a variety of minerals and impurities. If it is not precipitated and filtered for purification, it will affect the operation of plunger and injector head, resulting in uneven oil supply and poor atomization of oil, which will reduce engine power and increase fuel consumption. Therefore, it is recommended to let diesel oil stand for a period of time to allow impurities to precipitate. When refueling, filter it with funnel and filter screen. 2. Removal of carbon deposits: During the operation of diesel engines, polymers are attached to the tops of valves, valve seats, fuel injectors and pistons. These carbon deposits will increase fuel consumption and should be removed in time. 3, to avoid overload: machinery will emit black smoke during overload operation, which is the fuel emission without sufficient combustion. As long as machinery often emits black smoke, it will increase fuel consumption and shorten the service life of parts. 4. Maintain water temperature: If the cooling water temperature of diesel engine is too low, it will cause incomplete combustion of diesel oil, which will affect the exertion of power and waste fuel oil. Therefore, it is necessary to use thermal insulation curtain for the oil pump of cab, and pay attention to the best use of soft water without minerals for cooling water, such as flowing river water. Generally, there are two lines. Different fuel pump lines have different colors and solutions. They can pump oil and return oil. If they are connected incorrectly, the fuel pump instructions will be exchanged. Attention: A series of maintenance work of automobile fuel supply system must be carried out under the guidance of professionals, strictly abide by the relevant safety regulations and accident prevention guidelines made by automobile manufacturers, and pay attention to the protection of the surrounding environment. Special tips: Please confirm that the technical parameters of the fuel pump to be used are consistent with the fuel system pressure required by automobile manufacturers. First, when operating the wiring: please pay attention to confirm the positive and negative wiring directions of the fuel pump and separate them. There is danger of short circuit and spark splashing. The connector installation should be carried out under the condition that the power supply is cut off and there is no fuel pressure. Our company specializes in producing various truck accessories, mainly including cab lifting oil pump, cab lifting oil cylinder, forklift tilting oil cylinder and steering oil cylinder. At present, our company mainly focuses on European truck accessories, such as VLVO Volvo truck, BENZ Mercedes-Benz truck, SCANIA Caina truck, Manman truck, RENAULT truck, IVECO Iveco truck, DAF Duff truck and other http://www.hualongjx.cn/.

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