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Function of relay for common fault reasons of gasoline pump.

The common fault of gasoline pump is insufficient oil supply when the car goes uphill. The reasons are as follows:. (1) there are bubbles in the oil cup of the gasoline pump, and the oil level of the oil cup is lowered at the same time, or the output gasoline is scattered with bubbles, all of which indicate that there is air seepage in the pipeline from the gasoline pump to the gasoline tank, so it is important to check whether the oil cup mat is sealed and whether the oil inlet pipe joint of the gasoline pump is damaged. ② There is no bubble in the oil cup of gasoline pump, which is often caused by severe wear of moving parts of rocker arm group and too soft diaphragm spring, resulting in insufficient stroke and pressure. ③ Insufficient oil supply after flameout and taxiing, which is mostly caused by air resistance. Before flameout and taxiing, cars often run under heavy load, so the engine temperature is often on the high side. After flameout, because the water pump and fan stop working, the heat dissipation condition becomes worse, and the light part of gasoline is affected by high temperature, which volatilizes into gas and remains in the gasoline pump, destroying the vacuum degree of oil suction stroke and increasing the resistance of gasoline flow. When the amount of gas generated per unit time is greater than the displacement of gasoline pump, For the pump membrane with less serious damage, for example, when the edge of the truck oil pump is only damaged, the damaged pump membrane can be separated from the good pump membrane after being deeply soaped, and the damaged pump membrane can be staggered and reassembled. If the pump membrane cracks for a long time, it can be cut into the original membrane shape with plastic, tarpaulin, film, etc. and sandwiched between the original membranes. If it is found that gasoline flows into the crankcase from the rupture of the pump membrane, which has seriously diluted the lubricating oil in the crankcase, the new engine oil should be replaced. If there is no new engine oil, the old engine oil in the crankcase can also be discharged and heated, so that the old engine oil can be temporarily used after the gasoline in the engine oil is evaporated. Heat dissipation and lubrication of gasoline pump depend on fuel oil, so it is required that the gasoline pump should be immersed in fuel oil for a long time. Low liquid level will cause heat dissipation of gasoline pump. Poor lubrication will naturally reduce the service life of gasoline pump, and at the same time affect the working conditions of relay and insurance of gasoline pump. The reason why the oil pump of automobile can't deliver oil to the engine is that the engine can't run normally due to the failure of the oil pump relay of automobile engine. The solution is: if there is a problem with the oil pump relay of the car in the cab, it can be solved by going to the 4S shop or repair shop of the car in time to inspect and repair the oil pump relay of the car. The oil pump relay of the car is usually used in the automatic control circuit, which is actually an automatic switch that uses a smaller current to control a larger current, so it plays the roles of automatic adjustment, safety protection and circuit conversion in the circuit, so it is necessary for the owner to regularly inspect the oil pump relay of the car to eliminate the fault. The functions of automobile oil pump relay are introduced as follows. When a certain voltage or current is applied to both ends of the electromagnetic relay coil, the magnetic flux generated by the coil passes through the magnetic circuit composed of the iron core, yoke, armature and working air gap of the magnetic circuit. Under the action of the magnetic field, the armature attracts the pole face of the iron core, thus pushing the normally closed contact of the contact to open. The normally open contact is closed. When the voltage or current at both ends of the coil is less than a certain value and the mechanical reaction force is greater than the electromagnetic attraction, the armature returns to its initial state, and the normally open contact is disconnected and the normally closed contact is turned on. The automobile oil pump relay is both a control switch and a control object (actuator). Our company specializes in producing various truck accessories, mainly including cab lifting oil pump, cab lifting oil cylinder, forklift tilting oil cylinder and steering oil cylinder. At present, our company mainly focuses on European truck accessories, such as VLVO Volvo truck, BENZ Mercedes-Benz truck, SCANIA Caina truck, Manman truck, RENAULT truck, IVECO Iveco truck, DAF Duff truck and other http://www.hualongjx.cn/.

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