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How does the oil pump function without pressure maintaining affect the automobile?

Electric fuel pump is an important part of electronic gasoline injection system of automobile engine. Its basic function is to provide fuel with a certain pressure to the engine fuel injection system. Therefore, from this point of view, we can find that the quality and working condition of the electric fuel pump will directly affect the working condition of the fuel injection system of the whole vehicle, at the same time, it will greatly affect the fuel injection quality, the power and fuel economy performance of the whole vehicle, and have a great impact on the service performance of the whole vehicle. The function of the automobile oil pump is to suck gasoline out of the fuel tank and send it to the float chamber of the carburetor through the pipeline and the gasoline filter, so that the automobile engine has power to start, thus starting the vehicle. It is precisely because of the gasoline pump that the gasoline tank can be placed at the rear of the automobile far away from the engine and lower than the engine. Oil pump is a kind of light and compact pump, which can be divided into three categories: in-line, distributed and single type. Oil pump can only run with power source, and its lower camshaft is driven by engine crankshaft gear. The invention provides an oil pump with a casing made of aluminum-containing material and a movable molded part of a truck oil pump arranged in the casing, wherein the movable molded part is at least partially made of a sinterable material containing at least an austenitic iron-based alloy, and the molded part made of a sinterable material has a thermal expansion coefficient which is at least 60% of the thermal expansion coefficient of the casing. Automobile oil pump is divided into two parts: oil pump and gasoline pump, in which the oil pump is installed inside the engine, and the oil pump transports the oil to all parts of the engine, especially those parts that need to be rubbed against each other, so that the oil can be lubricated among these parts, which can ensure that the engine is well lubricated. With the reason of lubrication, the engine can work better. We all know that the engine in an automobile is a tool to provide power, so its lubricity is very important. The structure of the oil pump is a multi-gear pump. When the engine is started, the camshaft will drive the driving gear of the electric diaphragm pump body to start rotating. First of all, it's just the length of time that the gasoline pump has no permanent pressure maintaining. Secondly, the solution of slight pressure maintaining of the car is the oil pump in the cab. When starting the car, open the key and wait for a few seconds, which not only makes the oil pressure normal, but also makes all parts of the engine ready enough to catch fire. Serious pressure maintaining will result in insufficient oil pressure, which will not cause a normal fire, and the fuel injection quantity will drop, which will lead to a decline in the power and economy of the car. If the gasoline pump is seriously relieved, it will lose the function of the pump, which will make it impossible to start the car and drive Method 1: Turn on the ignition switch, do not start the engine, and can hear the gasoline pump working for 1~2 seconds, so as to judge whether the gasoline pump can work. Method 2: Unplug the oil pump relay, connect the oil pump circuit with a special jumper, turn on the ignition switch, do not start the engine, and the oil pump works, indicating that the oil pump can work. Method 3: Connect the oil pressure gauge to see if the engine can build oil pressure of about 250KPa and quickly. If the oil pressure can be built normally, it means that the oil pump can work. Then turn off the ignition switch of the engine to see if the oil pressure is released quickly (whether the oil pressure drops quickly), and then judge whether the pressure relief valve of the oil pump is normal (the normal oil pressure can be maintained so that the engine can start normally next time). Our company specializes in producing various truck accessories, mainly including cab lifting oil pump, cab lifting oil cylinder, forklift tilting oil cylinder and steering oil cylinder. At present, our company mainly focuses on European truck accessories, such as VLVO Volvo truck, BENZ Mercedes-Benz truck, SCANIA Caina truck, Manman truck, RENAULT truck, IVECO Iveco truck, DAF Duff truck and other http://www.hualongjx.cn/.

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