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Why does the automobile oil pump break the operating rules of high-pressure oil pump?

Why is the oil pump of the automobile broken? Because the gasoline pump assembly is composed of a gasoline pump and a gasoline filter, which is installed in the oil tank, if the automobile runs under the condition that the fuel alarm indicator lights up for a long time, the temperature of the gasoline pump will be too high, which will affect its service life. It is recommended not to wait for the fuel indicator lights up before refueling. The oil pump is a light and compact pump, and provides an oil pump with a casing made of aluminum-containing material and a movable molded part arranged in the casing, wherein the movable molded part is at least partially made of a sinterable material containing at least an austenitic iron-based alloy, and the molded part made of a sinterable material has a thermal expansion coefficient at least 60% of that of the casing. Automobile gasoline pumps need to dissipate heat during operation, and they dissipate heat by soaking in gasoline. When the oil level in the oil tank is too low, the heat dissipation requirements of the oil pump cannot be guaranteed, and the oil pump is easily burnt out after a long time. Therefore, when the vehicle fuel warning light is on, try to find a gas station to refuel with the truck oil pump, instead of waiting until there is no fuel at all. The fuel injection pump, also known as the high-pressure oil pump, is the most important component in the fuel system. The function of the fuel injection pump is to improve the fuel pressure and inject a certain amount of fuel into the combustion chamber in an accurate time according to the requirements of the working conditions of the diesel engine. First, oil pump and jack should use regular oil number, which is usually No.10 or No.20 machine oil, or hydraulic oil with other properties, such as transformer oil, etc. It is necessary to filter the oil poured into the oil tank, which is often used once a month. The oil tank should be cleaned regularly. The oil level in the oil tank should usually be about 85%. If it is insufficient, it should be replenished in time. The supplementary oil should be the same as the oil number in the original pump. The oil temperature in the oil tank should usually be 10 ~ 40. Second, the oil tank connecting the oil pump and jack should be kept clean and sealed with screws when not in use to avoid sediment entering. The exposed nozzles of the oil pump and jack should be sealed with nuts to avoid dust and sundries entering the machine. After daily use, the oil pump in the cab should be wiped clean to remove the grease on the copper wire cloth. Third, the oil pump should not be operated under overload. The pressure of the safety valve should be adjusted according to the extra oil pressure of the equipment. Arbitrary adjustment is prohibited. IV. Grounding power supply. It is necessary to check the insulation condition of the line with grounding wire of the chassis before commissioning. 5. Before the high-pressure oil pump works, loosen the oil control valves, and then start the oil pump. After the empty load works normally, close the oil return valve, gradually screw the oil inlet valve stem to increase the load, and pay attention to whether the pressure gauge pointer is normal. 6. When the oil pump stops working, the oil return valve should be gradually loosened. After the pressure gauge gradually returns to zero, the oil pipe joint nut of the jack can be removed. It is forbidden to replace the oil pipe or pressure gauge under load. Seven, the oil pump of the cooperative double-effect jack should choose two double-type oil pumps which can transport oil together. Eight, oil-resistant rubber pipe is necessary to withstand high pressure operation pressure shall not be higher than the extra oil pressure of oil pump or the maximum oil pressure of actual operation, and the length of oil pipe shall not be less than 2.5m When one oil pump moves two jacks, the oil pipe standard shall be common. Our company specializes in producing various truck accessories, mainly including cab lifting oil pump, cab lifting oil cylinder, forklift tilting oil cylinder and steering oil cylinder. At present, our company mainly focuses on European truck accessories, such as VLVO Volvo truck, BENZ Mercedes-Benz truck, SCANIA Caina truck, Manman truck, RENAULT truck, IVECO Iveco truck, DAF Duff truck and other http://www.hualongjx.cn/.

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