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Why is there such a big difference in quotation between demand cylinder types

Identifying the quality of hydraulic cylinder is not simply from the perspective of the price of hydraulic cylinder, but to first understand the type of hydraulic cylinder. According to the industry and equipment used in the cylinder, the hydraulic cylinder is also suitable for different types and types of oil.

For example, according to the structure of the oil cylinder, oil piston type, swing type and telescopic type, the piston cylinder is efficient and stable. This advantage has become one of the commonly used oil cylinder types. The working principle and oil characteristics of different types of oil cylinders are also very different. When purchasing, it should be determined that the type of oil cylinder meeting your needs is consistent with the actual equipment parameters and principles.

Secondly, pay attention to the quality of the hydraulic cylinder. The effect of the hydraulic cylinder is directly affected by its quality. The professional cylinder should be made of steel or other alloy materials, which is stable and reliable, so that the cylinder has good robustness. The truck cylinder can be used for a long time without wear and aging. At the same time, the cylinder shall be strictly treated, the surface shall be flat and coated with high-quality paint.

In addition, hydraulic cylinder manufacturers should also know the ranking form, registered capital, self owned equipment, production line and other information of cylinder manufacturers to determine the scale and strength of cylinder manufacturers. If cylinder manufacturers have strength, they will not produce products with poor quality.

In short, it is necessary to compare and select professional hydraulic cylinders from various content information, including basic characteristics, cylinder manufacturing materials and workmanship, as well as the manufacturer's ability, and then compare the price of hydraulic cylinders on the basis that the above conditions are met.

For the same hydraulic cylinder, some manufacturers offer 600 yuan, some 900 yuan, some 1200 yuan, and even 4500 yuan. This situation makes the buyer feel very confused and difficult.

The large price gap of hydraulic cylinders in the market is puzzling, but you don't want to choose the cheapest one to cooperate, otherwise the current low price will bring continuous after-sales in the future, and the gains outweigh the losses.

However, we can't choose the one with the highest quotation. The boss must pursue high quality with limited funds, and the buyer is faced with the purchase unit price or quality that will be questioned by the boss.

How to buy hydraulic cylinders has become a difficult problem for bosses and purchasers.

No matter what commodity, the relationship between price and value will not change, and the value of hydraulic cylinder is mainly the quality of hydraulic cylinder in addition to its function. It is the uneven quality that shows the difference in price.

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