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If the working environment temperature of hydraulic cylinders and similar products is relatively high.

Hydraulic cylinder is a hydraulic actuator that converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and makes linear reciprocating motion (or swinging motion). It is simple in structure and reliable in operation. When it is used to realize reciprocating motion, it can avoid a deceleration device, and has no transmission gap and stable motion. Therefore, it is widely used in various mechanical hydraulic systems. The output force of hydraulic cylinder is directly proportional to the effective area of piston and the pressure difference between its two sides. The hydraulic cylinder is basically composed of cylinder and cylinder cover, piston and piston rod, sealing device and buffer device. Only one end of a single piston rod hydraulic cylinder has a piston rod. It is a single piston hydraulic cylinder, and its inlet and outlet ports A and B can be filled with pressure oil or return oil to realize bidirectional movement. Therefore, it is called a double-acting cylinder, in which the piston can only move in one direction, and its reverse movement needs to be completed by external force, but its stroke is generally larger than that of a piston hydraulic cylinder. Working principle of piston hydraulic cylinder. Piston-type hydraulic cylinder can be divided into single-rod truck cylinder and double-rod structure, and its fixing methods are fixed by cylinder body and piston rod. According to the action of hydraulic pressure, there are single-acting and double-acting hydraulic cylinders. In single-acting hydraulic cylinders, pressure oil is only supplied to one cavity of the cylinder, which makes the cylinder move in one direction by hydraulic pressure, while the reverse movement is realized by external force (such as spring force, dead weight or external load, etc.), while the piston of double-acting hydraulic cylinder moves alternately through two cavities. One of the problems easily occurred in the sealing ring is the extrusion of rubber compound. At present, the solution is to put a circle of red copper pad with a certain thickness in the circumferential direction of the back pressure surface of the sealing ring. In this way, the sealing ring has been compressed in the circumferential direction before it is subjected to the applied force, so that it can rely on the static pressure shoe, and the red copper pad just blocks the gap. The manufacturer of hydraulic cylinder explained that in fact, this is mainly due to the greater strength of the red copper pad, which can effectively prevent the extrusion of rubber compound. At the same time, the hydraulic tilt cylinder can achieve better lubrication conditions because there is a lubricating oil film between the red copper pad and the cylinder wall, so that it will not cause damage to the sealing ring. Of course, we not only need to add a certain thickness of red copper pad in the circumferential direction of the sealing ring, but also add a certain thickness and width of red copper material to the bottom circumference of the sealing ring if we want to achieve better results. Therefore, if the stress angle is analyzed at this time, it will be found that in this case, the rubber material in the circumferential direction cannot be extruded. According to the manufacturer of hydraulic cylinder, this is because under the action of axial force, the sealing ring is pressed on the red copper plate, and the red copper plate is pressed against the extrusion shoe. At the same time, the pressing force increases with the increase of axial force, which can not only prevent the rubber material from being extruded, but also prolong the service life of the sealing ring. According to the manufacturer of hydraulic cylinder, if the temperature in the working environment is relatively high, for example, in summer, the bearing temperature will obviously rise, and if the rubber is in this condition for a long time, it is very likely that there will be aging phenomena, such as shrinkage cracking and sealing failure. Our company specializes in producing all kinds of truck accessories, mainly including cab lifting oil pump, cab lifting oil cylinder, forklift tilting oil cylinder and steering oil cylinder. At present, our company mainly focuses on European truck accessories, such as VLVO Volvo truck, BENZ Mercedes truck, SCANIA Caina truck, Manman truck, RENAULT truck, IVECO Iveco truck and DAF Duff truck.

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