Cabin pump 1794907

As the most populair cabin pump for Scania trucks,here are some detials for cabin pump 1794907:




Bore Distance [mm] 105

Depth [mm] 80

Inner Thread [mm] M10x1,5

Length [mm] 130

Number of Fastening Bores 2

Outer Thread [mm] M12x1,5

Outer Thread 1 [mm] M14x1,5

Width [mm] 120

Use:Cabin Pump

Are your cabin pump all tested ?

Yes,all pumps are sealing checked and pressure tested with load.

How are the cabin pumps packed.

The cabin pumps are packed with ploy bag,forma box,inner box,outer boxes.Pallets are also accepted.

How long is your factory in cabin pumps ?

For over 23 years.

Do your techcnical department have the ability of developing new cabin pumps ?

Yes,we have steable technicians with over 10 years of experiences and have been developing cabin pumps for all kinds of customers.Customized items are welcome.We work together with our partners.