Analysis and Introduction of cabin tilt pump

Cabin tilt pump Disassembly Process

1. Body

    1).Oil circuit carrier of cabin tilt pump.

    2).Connect with all cabin tilt pump parts.

2.Reversing Valve

    1).Up and down transfer switch

    2).Built in one-way valve to prevent back flow of hydraulic oil.

3.Hand rod

    1).Hand operation part

    2).Connected with cam,main force element.


    1).Connected with piston rod,pressure bearing element.

    2).Connected with hand rod,main force element.

5.Piston rod

    1).Pressure bearing and pressing parts of cabin tilt pump.

    2).Built in overflow valve,set overflow pressure.

6.Safety valve

    1).Prevent oil overflow and dust prevention during driving.

    2).Breathing valve for hydraulic lifting.


    1).Connect the body and tank to prevent oil leakage.


    1).Hydraulic system oil storage components.

    2).Withstand the opening of safety valve.

Working principle of cabin tilt pump