Analysis and Introduction of cabin tilt cylinder

Cabin tilt cylinder Disassembly Process

1.Chassis Connection Piston.

    1).The cabin tilt cylinder is connected with the chassis.

    2).The main oil carrier of cabin tilt cylinder

2.Guide Piston Sub-Assembly

    1).Hydraulic control components.

    2).Control cabin tilt cylinder check valve

3.One-Way Valve

    1).Cabin tilt cylinder pressure maintaining parts.

    2).Functional Key components of cabin tilt cylinder


    1).Cold-drawn cylinder,welded with clevis,and piston seal

5.Piston Sub-Assembly

    1).Connected to the piston rod,oil pressure surface,sealing function.

    2).Supporting the original parts in the working process of cabin tilt cylinder.

6.Steel Ring Cover

    1).Increase the pull-out force of cabin tilt cylinder.

    2).Improving safety coefficient of cabin tilt cylinder.

7.Piston Rod

    1).Cabin tilt cylinder retractable parts

    2)/With sealing form

8.Guide Sleeve Sub-Assembly

    1).Supporting the parts in the working process of cabin tilt cylinder

    2).Effective limitation of the piston&piston rod.

9.Dust Seal

    1).Prevent foreign body from entering cabin tilt cylinder.

    2)Improve the service life of cabin tilt cylinder.

10.Rod end

    1).Rod end is the top connection point that is linked to the cab.

    2)Rod end that is welded with the piston rod.


     1).Connection position between cabin tilt cylinder and cab.

     2).Eliminate abnormal noise and improve comfort.

Lost motion principle of cabin tilt cylinder.