How do cabin tilt pump and cabin tilt cylinder work ?

    In engineering industry,hydraulic tilting systems plays a important role in all sides.Like other hydraulic tilt products,cabin tilt pump cabin tilt cylinder aslo follow the same working principles.For heavy duty trucks,a set of hydraulic tilt system is very important for repairers as sometimes the cabin can exceed over 3tons.But some custmers do not how to use the cabin tilt pump and cabin tilt cylinder.Here are some brief details:

1. Make sure the cabin tilt pump and cab tilt cylinder are from high quality manufacturers.

2. Check if these set are suitable for the trucks you are using.

3. Mount the cabin tilt pump and cabin tilt cylinder in the right position and keep in fixed status.

4. Put in high quality cabin tilt pump oil.

5. Pump many times to clear out the air.Then connect the horse with the cabin tilt cylinder.

6. Connect the oil pipes with cylinder correctly ,not oppositely.Or the cabin tilt cylinder may not come down.

7. When pumping,please stary clear under or before the cabin in case of injury.

8. Pumps until the cabin get to its max angle.

9. Precautions are also needed.

These are brief details when you use cabin tilt pump and cabin tilt cylinder.If you need more information,please better conduct  by professionals.