How long will you get cabin pump,cabin cylinders?

When ordering the goods,customers also care how long will it take for the goods to their ports.There are some steps you should know:

1. If the goods or materials ready in Stock,the goods will be sent in 10 days.If not in stock,the cabin pump and cab cylinders needs to be newly produced,the production time will be around 20-30 days.

2. After goods finished,it will take around 2 days to the forwarders in Ningbo/Shanghai.Then the forwarders will book ship for us,which usually will take one week.

3. After all ready,the ship will leave.Here is brief time table for the ship to arrive at main ports all over the word:


Germany:Around 33 days.

Italy:Need at least 33 days.

Turkey:30 days

Poland:Estimated 34 days

Moscow:60 days

Saint Petersburg:40 days


Malaysia:Fastest 3 days

Singapore:Around 9 days

India:20 days

Middle East:20 days needed

Africa:50 days

South America

Brzail:35 days


West America:15 days,different shipper with different time.


If you need more details of cabin pump,cabin cylinders,please feel free to consult with our sales department.They will have professional suggestions for you.

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