Why are cabin pump and cabin cylinder needed for heavy duty trucks?

The heavy trucks are with heavy driver cabin,under which the engine chassis and many parts are located.In access to maintain or check the engine,the hydraulic tilt system(cabin pump,cabin cylinder,cabin lock) is needed.This makes cabin pump and cabin cylinder very important here.So you need the mount the cabin pump,connect the cabin cylinder with oil pipe.Then activate the cabin tilt pump,that will occur pressure to hydraulic cabin tilt cylinder.Then the cabin cylinder will go up and gets the driver cabin to the biggest angle.When the cabin is fixed and the cylinder holds the cabin,then you can maintain under the cabin.

There is also floating area for many cabin cylinders,which did not have in old truck models.This area helps absorb the shocks between the road,chassis and cabin.That will also make the driver in a more comfortable situation while driving.Floating area plays a very important role for a cabin cylinder.



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