Questions of cabin pump,cabin cylinder customers have for us

Greece customers consulted with us about cabin pump,cabin cylinder

If you have complaints,what will we do ?

1.During processing, if found any sizes defective or failures of cabin pump or cabin cylinder, your feedback will be forwarded to our technical department,and ask them for reason and solutions.We will help you how to deal with it and also solve these problems.And products development investing should be put every year.

2.If you already got complaints after have the goods,please show us more details with pictures,if you have videos,it will be better.We will check with production department and quality control department.And suggestions and solutions will be given in around 12hours.


What Inspection Equipment do you have? 

Monitor testing machine,Hardness monitor,Metallographic analyzer,Pressure tester,Finishing tester,Hard chrome thickness analyzer,Salt spray test machine,Acoustic wave detector, etc.

How do you pack your goods?What will you do in case goods damaged in transport?

Packing for cabin pump and cabin cylinder is usually ploy bag,foam box,inner box,outer box.If you have special requirement,sometimes will be packed in pallets.Woods package will be also offered.If there is still seriously damage in transport.We will try to change other better logistics for us .

HUALONG is a professional factory in cabin pumps,cabin cylinders,cab tilt pump repair kits for over 23 years.If you find interesting cabin pump or cabin cylinders,do not forget to let our sales depart know.They will offer great suggestions for you.

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