Common faults and solutions of heavy truck cabin pump

The cabin cannot be tilted over?

First, judge whether the cabin pump configured on the cab is from HUALONG or not. If it is from HUALONG, you should find the reasons from the following points:

①.The cabin pump motor has no sound state

②. a. Check fuse

    b. Check the cabin pump motor lift adjustment switch

    c. Check whether the cab tilt completion switch is turned on

    d. Check the neutral shift switch (confirm the buzzer beeps)

    e. Check the electric cabin tilt switch

   f. Check the electric cabin tilt relay (confirm whether the cabin pump motor is damaged)

②The cabin motor has a sound state

    a. The cabin pump motor has air or lacks oil

    b. The oil pump of the overturned motor is leaked or damaged and the pressure is low

    c. Reversal cabin cylinder leaks or valve stuck

    d. Whether it can be jacked up manually

In the case of a CEIBS flipper, the reasons should be found from the following points:

①. Is there any sound from the motor?

②. check the fuse, relay and button switch