How to use a cabin tilt pump on european trucks?

1. Stop the vehicle on level ground and place the starter switch in the “ON” position.

2. Set the parking brake firmly.

3. Place the gearshift lever in the NEUTRAL position.

4. Keep the interior of the cab free from such articles that are likely to be damaged. Close the doors securely after getting down from the cab.

5. All the wheels should be chocked.

6. Re-check if there is any person in the cab.

7. Make sure that there is a sufficient space in front of and above the cab for cab tilting operation.Also check if there is any possible hazards around the vehicle.


8. After making arrangements as above, tilt the cab according to the following instructions:

  a. Read thoroughly “CABIN TILT OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS” affixed on the rear right-hand side of the cab before manipulating it.

      b. Before beginning travel, ensure the cab tilt lamp on the instrument panel is put out.