How to tilt a cab?

Before cab tilting,you should stop the vehicle and wedge the tires.Fix all loosing articles inside the cab ,switch off all working equipments.Put the gear shift in neutral position,and then close the door.Open the radiator grille.

Manual operation

Pull the handle to the “up ”Position.Insert the crowbar into the operation hole.Swing the oil pump repeatedly tilt the cab is tilted to its extreme position.

Cab tilting back operation is contrary to the proccess above.When the cab is locked,keep operating till there is obviously increased pressure to the handle,and then pull the handle to the lock position.

Electric operation

Turn on the tilting switch,put the handle on”up”or”down”position.Then press the switch.When the cab is nearly past the centre gravity.Click the button to let the cab past the centre of gravity slowly to avoid the percussion.Then pull the handle to the lock position.

Note:1.Make sure the cab is still after being tilted to the extreme position.Then it can be repaired

2.No person is allowed to go under the cab while tilting,and there should be no person in the cab when it is in tilting status.

3.When the cab is tilted back to its position,make sure the cab axis pin is locked by the hydraulic lock,and the cab locking alarm lamp go out,then the vehicle can be started.