Heavy truck market rebounded? New energy heavy trucks perform well

Combined with the epidemic, the international situation since the beginning of the year, the rise in oil prices, the stock market and other factors, the decline in public investment and consumption, and the impediment of resumption of work and production have resulted in the impeded flow of people and materials, inhibiting the purchase of cars by end users. need.

Facing the freezing point of the market, will the heavy truck market stop falling and rebound?



Although the sales volume of the heavy truck cabin tilt cylinder,cabin pump market dropped to freezing point in April this year under the influence of various unfavorable factors, with the superposition of many favorable factors such as the overweight of new infrastructure, policy empowerment, and increased demand for transportation capacity, as well as the gradual effective control of the epidemic in my country, heavy trucks Market vitality will gradually be restored.


China VI diesel heavy truck, "continuous increase" momentum


After China's heavy truck industry entered the "Comprehensive National VI" era in July 2021, the average growth rate of the National VI diesel heavy truck in the second half of last year reached 152%, entering 2022 with a very strong momentum; from January to March this year , the National VI diesel heavy truck market has sold 95,400 units, a year-on-year increase of 122%, and a net increase of 52,500 cabin tilt cylinder units over the same period last year.




Shaanxi Automobile's six heavy trucks, the engine is equipped with "in-cylinder heat balance management"

China VI diesel heavy trucks plus natural gas heavy trucks cabin pump accounted for 93.67% of China VI models in the heavy truck market in March. From the perspective of new car sales, the "interference" of "National V inventory vehicles" on the heavy truck market has become smaller and smaller, and the sales of National VI heavy truck terminals have been basically equal to the overall sales of the heavy truck market.


China VI diesel heavy trucks will continue to show a high growth trend, and all mainstream companies will also achieve growth. Next, the "continuous growth" momentum of the China VI diesel heavy truck market will continue.


New energy heavy truck, an extremely bright "starter"


In 2022, the terminal demand for fuel and gas heavy trucks cabin cylinder will continue to be sluggish, and the actual sales of the heavy truck market in the first four months will drop by 62% year-on-year; the cumulative sales of new energy heavy trucks from January to April this year will reach 5,852, a year-on-year increase of 531%. Terminal sales accounted for 4%, which is a very eye-catching data.图片6.png

Among them, pure electric models accounted for 97.59%, which is the main part of this year's new energy heavy truck market

In 2022, the most eye-catching new energy heavy truck market is the tractor. The sales volume in the first quarter is already close to the new energy heavy truck market, which sold 50% of last year's annual sales. This market segment has a year-on-year growth rate of 271% in April, and is the main driver for the continued growth of the new energy heavy truck market.




In the context of the national "dual carbon", the commercial operation of tractors in fixed line scenarios such as mines, steel plants, power plants, and ports is becoming more and more mature, and the scope of implementation is becoming wider and wider.


The cumulative sales of 5,852 units in the first 4 months of the new energy heavy truck market made it more and more realistic for the annual scale to exceed 20,000 units.


Under the background of "dual carbon", hydrogen internal combustion engine is about to debut


Driven by the "dual carbon" goal, the commercial vehicle industry and the internal combustion engine industry are facing tremendous changes, and an energy-saving and carbon-reduction ecosystem is being built around green energy. Hydrogen internal combustion engines have the advantages of adaptability to various fuels and high combustion efficiency, and can achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions.


At present, Yuchai, Cummins, Shangchai, Weichai and Geely commercial vehicles are in full swing on the research and development of hydrogen internal combustion engines. Is the era of hydrogen internal combustion engines really coming?






At present, national ministries and commissions support the diversified development of technical routes, and hydrogen internal combustion engines are expected to be included in the hydrogen energy strategy. There is still a long way to go before the commercialization of hydrogen internal combustion engines. Reasonable policy encouragement and support are essential driving factors.