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The graph below shows the calculated engine efficiency for different engine models of the best-selling truck brands in the EU from mid-2019 to mid-2020. Should be excluding Eastern Europe.


Calculated Engine Efficiency for Different Engine Models by Best-Selling Truck Brands 2019-2020

The interpretation is as follows (the data is imprecise), welcome to add:


1. Seven Sisters, Huluwa, there are seven major truck manufacturers in the EU: Daimler Benz, Volvo, Scania, MAN, DAF, Renault, and Iveco.

2. The total annual sales volume of heavy trucks in the EU market should be less than 300,000 units.

3. Seat order of sales: Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Scania, MAN, DAF are in the first grade, and the market share fluctuates between 14-20%. Renault and Iveco are second grade, with a market share of less than 10%, and Iveco is the lowest.

4. From the perspective of sales distribution, the mainstream diesel engines are 11-13 liters, and all manufacturers have the highest sales of 13 liters, that is, heavy trucks account for the largest proportion.

5. In terms of large-displacement diesel engines, Scania and Volvo have 16L engines, MAN and Mercedes-Benz have around 15.4L, and DAF, Renault, and Iveco have no models above 13L.

6. In terms of efficiency of large-displacement diesel engines, the 16L engine is between 37-42% and the 15L engine is between 41-44%. MAN's large-displacement diesel engine has the highest efficiency.

7. In terms of sales of large-displacement diesel models, the proportion of total sales is very low. Among them, Scania came out on top, with more than 6,000 units, accounting for about 10% of its total sales; Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and MAN sold no more than 1,000 units, accounting for less than 5% of its total sales. From this point of view, the title of Scania V8 "King of the Road" is not unfounded.

8. The efficiency of diesel engine is between 38-44%, the efficiency of 7-9L engine is the lowest, the efficiency of 11-13L engine is higher, the efficiency of 13L engine is the highest, the efficiency of 15-16L engine is between 40-44%, the efficiency of MAN company 15L engine is the highest, reached 44%.

9. The overall efficiency of the key diesel models sold is between 40-44%, reflecting the gap between the commercially available models and advanced technology. The efficiency of Weichai itself exceeds 51%, Cummins’ main push is 48%, and the Super Truck 2 target is 55% BTE. It shows that the efficiency of commercial diesel engines still has potential to be tapped.

10. In terms of natural gas engines, only Iveco, Scania, Volvo, and Renault have gas engines, while Mercedes-Benz, MAN, and DAF do not have gas engines.

11. Gas engine sales ranking: Iveco is clearly ahead, followed by Scania, followed by Volvo and Renault.

12. Number of gas engine models: Iveco has 3 displacements (13L, 9L, 7.8L) and 5 models; Scania has 2 displacements (13L, 9L) and 2 models; Volvo and Renault have only 9L machine with a displacement (estimated to be the same).

13. The efficiency of the gas engine is between 36-38%, which is significantly lower than that of the diesel engine, of which the Iveco 9L engine is the highest.

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