Daimler Trucks and Volvo Trucks suspend Russian operations

The war between Russia and Ukraine has not only impacted the global auto supply chain, but many European and American auto companies have begun to "evacuate".

On February 28, Daimler Trucks stated that it would immediately suspend its business in Russia, including the cooperation with the Russian truck manufacturer Kamaz. "From now on, Daimler will no longer cooperate with Kamaz. It makes trucks, and it doesn’t supply parts for it.”

An internal memo from Daimler Trucks said, "Our cooperation with Kamas is purely civilian in nature and is only under this focus. In our cooperation, we have been strictly complying with all export controls and sanctions." Müller Truck is currently closely monitoring the situation in Russia and Ukraine.

"We will comply with all measures taken by the German government and the European Union," Daimler Trucks said on its official social media account.

According to the Handelsblatt newspaper, the Mercedes-Benz Group is studying the law for the sale of shares in order to sell its 15% stake in Camas as soon as possible.

Also speaking on the same day was Swedish truck maker AB Volvo. The group said it had suspended all production of cab cylinder and sales in Russia due to the escalating situation in Russia and Ukraine. It is reported that Volvo Group's sales of cabin cylinder in Russia account for about 3% of total sales, and it has a factory in Russia.

"We now know more about Russia's sanctions and security ... which means that all our operations in Russia will be terminated," a Volvo Group spokesman said, adding that operations would remain suspended until further notice.


After Daimler Trucks and Volvo Trucks, many car companies have voiced their voices about their business in Russia.

According to a previous report by Reuters, Mercedes-Benz has said it will reassess its business in Russia in light of the current situation.

U.S. truck engine maker Cummins declined to discuss its relationship with Kamaz, but said it expected the situation in Russia and Ukraine to have "some impact" on its business in Russia.

Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors said it may suspend vehicle production and sales in Russia as economic sanctions imposed on Russia by the West could disrupt supply chains of cabin tilt cylinder,cab pump. The company's website shows that it has 141 car dealerships in Russia.

Volkswagen's Audi brand announced it was suspending car sales in Russia in response to the devaluation of the ruble.