The localization of foreign brands is imminent, how to deal with domestic high-end heavy trucks

In the 354th batch of new cars announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology last week, the domestic Mercedes-Benz New Actros made its debut. 

Daimler production


This means that it is only a matter of time before the domestic Mercedes-Benz heavy truck is put into production.

Countdown to localization of foreign brands

In 2020, there was a news that caused a wave of heated discussions in the commercial vehicle circle. our country announced the cancellation of the restrictions on foreign shareholding in commercial vehicle manufacturing.

This made people focus on foreign european trucks again. At the same time, many foreign brands also announced their localization plans in due course.


At the beginning of 2020, South Korea's Hyundai cab tilt pump Motor completed the acquisition of Chinese equity and turned Sichuan Hyundai into a wholly foreign-owned enterprise. South Korea's Hyundai cabin tilt cylinder said that entering the Chinese commercial vehicle market is an essential strategy for Hyundai. On November 28, 2020, the Scania cab tilt pump Rugao manufacturing base was unveiled. Mats Harborn, President of Scania China Group, said: "It is expected that by the next decade, China will become our largest market in the world." 2020 On December 2, Mercedes-Benz cabin tilt pump heavy-duty trucks officially announced its domestic plan in Beijing, striving to better improve the quality and efficiency of China's main line logistics with the localization concept of "Made in China, Exclusive China".图片7.png

According to the plans disclosed by each company, the first batch of products to be put into production are the main high-end tractors of each company, and they will all be put into production before the end of 2022. It can be said that high-end european trucks are about to become the first market segment to be hit by domestic brands in the commercial vehicle industry.

Heavy truck market is not optimistic

At this time, the domestic heavy truck market is not bright.

The sales volume of the heavy truck market in 2020 exceeded 1.6 million units, reaching a record high. In the first half of 2021, under the multiple influences of the implementation of the National VI standards and macro policies in the middle of the year, the market demand will be overdrafted in advance, and it will enter a downward range in the second half of the year and begin to enter the adjustment period.图片8.png

In 2022, affected by the continued downturn in the market and the epidemic, the heavy truck market pattern may change accordingly. How to survive and develop in the face of adversity has become a problem that domestic brands are thinking about.

In recent years, with the enhancement of technical strength and market control of Chinese commercial vehicle companies, various companies have launched high-end heavy trucks for the efficient logistics market. Some experts admit that the needs of heavy truck users in China are also changing. Premiumization and specialization are inevitable trends for heavy trucks volvo cab tilt pump in the future. End users will adjust the car selection criteria at any time, and they will become more rational and scientific.

Of course, domestic high-end heavy trucks have undoubtedly felt the potential huge pressure from foreign brand products.

Did the wolf really come this time?

What is the impact of foreign brands entering the Chinese market?图片9.png

First of all, from the perspective of the saturation of the domestic heavy truck market, it is difficult for foreign brands to localize to break the existing market structure and seize market share. After experiencing several ups and downs in the domestic market, domestic brand enterprises have greatly improved their R&D and manufacturing capabilities and sales and service capabilities, and have the ability to compete with foreign brands.

Secondly, through the joint efforts of domestic heavy truck brands to collectively impact the high-end, a high-quality brand image has been established and a good user reputation has been won.

In addition, commercial vehicles are different from passenger vehicles after all. When domestic high-end heavy trucks cabin tilt cylinder can already meet users' needs for timeliness and reliability, are users willing to spend more money to choose foreign brands?

Therefore, after the localization of foreign heavy trucks, firstly, it will effectively promote the upgrading of domestic high-end heavy trucks in technology and services, secondly, it will promote the transformation and upgrading of Chinese commercial vehicles cab tilt pump repair in terms of brands, and thirdly, it will accelerate the entire logistics and transportation industry to become more professional and efficient. , normative direction development.

As users, they welcome the diversity of market choices and look forward to the value that competition brings to them. It can be seen that foreign high-end heavy trucks should focus on product "value for money" and brand "value for money", so that users feel that although the price of buying a car is high, the product is comfortable, intelligent, convenient and service. Save money, worry, and effort, and can become a symbol of high-end status for users.

List of domestic high-end heavy trucks

Shaanxi Auto Delong X6000 tractor


It is the sincere work of Shaanxi Automobile, which is based on the standard of "domestic leading and international first-class". It redefines China's high-end heavy truck market and establishes a high-end quality model in the industry.

FAW Jiefang Yingtu tractor


Divided into three product series: business class, first class and living class, it is not only an independent world-class high-end heavy truck that benchmarks against the global advanced level, but also an intelligent terminal equipped with information technology.

Sinotruk Shandeka C9H tractor


As a new generation of L2-class smart heavy-duty trucks that fully caters to the domestic logistics 4.0 era, the goal is to open up a new era of the domestic heavy-duty truck market and create "the king of all-around commuters".

Auman Galaxy tractor


It is a product launched by Foton Daimler in the logistics era of "high-end, trend-oriented and intelligent", which applies many new technologies and intelligent technologies, and strives to create a more advanced and smarter future heavy truck for users through technology.

Dongfeng Tianlong GX tractor


G stands for high-end, efficient, X stands for speed and trust. It is an intelligent product launched by Dongfeng Commercial Vehicles focusing on the high-end market of trunk logistics.

SAIC Hongyan Jieshi H6 tractor


It is the first strategic product under the guidance of SAIC Group's "New Four Modernizations" and an outstanding representative of the sixth generation of SAIC Hongyan heavy trucks. All-drive, multi-energy brand new heavy truck.

All in all, 2022 will undoubtedly become a more competitive year in China's high-end heavy-duty truck market. First, the overall market demand and total capacity are expected to decline; second, high-end heavy-duty trucks have become a development trend, and are a must for companies; White-hot.