The first month soared by 1318%, and the new energy heavy truck market will "accelerate" in

                 The first month soared by 1318%, and the new energy heavy truck market will "accelerate" in 2022


Following the "hurricane" in 2021, the domestic new energy heavy truck market has once again shown a surge this year. According to the latest sales data of compulsory traffic insurance terminals, in January 2022, the sales volume of new energy heavy trucks in my country reached 2,283 units, a year-on-year increase of 1,318%, and the market penetration rate of heavy trucks rose to 7.5%. In this regard, many people in the industry believe that the new energy heavy truck market will open up a high-speed growth channel this year, and the annual sales volume is expected to triple.

1.Expected to exceed 30,000 vehicles in the year

In 2021, the domestic sales of new energy heavy trucks will continue to rise, and the annual sales will exceed 10,000 units for the first time, a year-on-year increase of nearly three times, far exceeding industry expectations, and becoming a bright spot in the commercial vehicle market. The continuous hot market conditions have made the industry full of confidence in the development prospects of new energy heavy trucks.

The relevant person in charge of Hanma Technology stated at the National Partner Conference that in 2022, the total sales of new energy heavy trucks in my country is expected to double to about 25,000 units. XCMG New Energy believes that in 2022, the domestic new energy heavy truck market demand is expected to reach about 50,000 units.

In addition, the main parts suppliers cabin tilt pump of new energy heavy trucks are also very optimistic about the market trend this year. Among them, Li Lei, chairman of Suzhou Green Control Transmission Technology Co., Ltd., predicted that in 2022, the total sales volume of the domestic new energy heavy truck market may exceed 30,000; 10,000 to 50,000 vehicles.


Entering 2022, the continuous improvement of the new energy heavy truck market of cabin tilt cylinder will continue, once again verifying that the popularity of the new energy heavy truck track is rapidly heating up, and the dream of total annual sales exceeding 30,000 units is expected to come true.

Many industry experts and heads of commercial vehicle cab tilt pump repair companies believe that in 2022, it is not surprising that the new energy heavy truck market will start with a surge. On the one hand, commercial vehicle companies have signed orders for 25,000 new energy heavy trucks in 2021, of which about 15,000 have not yet been delivered to the terminal. Some of these orders have been transferred to January this year. The gradual release will continue to push up the sales of new energy heavy trucks.

On the other hand, since the second half of 2021, due to adverse factors such as the switching of emission standards, insufficient construction of infrastructure projects, cab tilt pump and high inventory, the terminal demand in the heavy truck market has continued to shrink. Under the pressure of the traditional heavy-duty truck market, most car companies are betting on the new energy track, cab tilt cylinder and constantly enrich the products in various sub-application scenarios, which provides a guarantee for the continuous growth of the new energy heavy-duty truck market.

"Because the sales base in January last year was too low (less than 200 units per month), it provided favorable conditions for the year-on-year increase in the sales of new energy heavy trucks in the beginning of this year. But there is no doubt that the new energy heavy truck market has entered the fast lane and is far from The empowerment of support policies at the national and local levels is not needed.” Zhong Weiping, secretary general of the Commercial Vehicle Professional Committee of the China Automobile Dealers Association, said that driven by the “dual carbon” goal, energy-based industrial cities such as Tangshan have increased the promotion of new energy heavy trucks year by year. Application, in the fields of high-energy-consumption transportation such as steel and coal, it has become an inevitable trend to adopt environmentally friendly and zero-emission new energy heavy trucks,cabin pump which will promote a substantial increase in sales in this market.

Zhong Weiping further pointed out that in 2022, the policy Dongfeng will continue to stimulate the market demand for new energy heavy trucks. For example, 2022 is a key year for all localities to implement the "dual carbon" goal, and it is also the last year for the implementation of the new energy vehicle subsidy policy. Favorable policies can promote the sales of new energy heavy trucks to a certain extent.

2.Pure electric heavy trucks dominate hydrogen fuel heavy trucks

With the increasingly stringent environmental protection policies, the commercial vehicle industry has accelerated to green and low-carbon development, and new energy heavy trucks have ushered in an excellent opportunity for development. Faced with the huge changes in the industry, the whole company is constantly seeking technological breakthroughs, and the application of power technologies such as pure electricity, hybrid power, natural gas, hydrogen energy and methanol has accelerated. At present, domestic new energy heavy trucks have formed a technical layout with pure electricity, hybrid power, and fuel cells as the "three verticals".


Among them, as the most mature technical route, pure electric heavy trucks are the mainstay of driving the sales growth of new energy heavy trucks. Among the new energy heavy trucks sold in January this year, pure electric heavy trucks reached 2,263, accounting for more than 99%, in an absolute leading position. "From the perspective of subdivided products, the gradual maturity of the battery swap model and the large-scale promotion and application of related models are the main driving forces for the surge in new energy heavy trucks." Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the National Passenger Vehicle Market Information Joint Association, told reporters In the interview, he said that as a technical route to quickly improve charging speed and user experience, the battery swap mode has been supported by policies and favored by enterprises in recent years, and the business model has continued to mature. Landing in a class scene. In November 2021, the official implementation of the national standard GB/T40032-2021 "Safety Requirements for Electric Vehicle Swapping" solves the urgent problem of no standard for battery swapping mode, which is conducive to the further promotion of Scania cab tilt pump and application of battery swapping heavy trucks. It is foreseeable that, combined with comprehensive factors such as policies and market demand, heavy duty trucks will usher in explosive growth in 2022.

Compared with battery-exchanged heavy-duty trucks, only 20 domestic fuel cell and hybrid heavy-duty trucks were sold in January this year, accounting for 0.7% and 0.18% respectively. Since hybrid heavy trucks have not been able to get rid of their complete dependence on fuel, their application in the new energy heavy truck market has always been tepid. Although the performance of hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks in January was not eye-catching, its attention and industry popularity are rising. The annual development potential of hydrogen fuel cell heavy trucks is huge. In addition, it cannot be ignored that the just-concluded Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has achieved the world's largest demonstration operation of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles so far, which has boosted the large-scale application of hydrogen fuel cells in the field of heavy trucks.

In addition, it is not difficult to find from the terminal licensing data that the new energy heavy truck market has a particularly obvious trend of transforming from sanitation special vehicles to new energy tractors and dump trucks. In the future, as new energy heavy trucks are gradually applied in batches in short-distance transportation scenarios such as ports,Volvo cab tilt pump, steel mills, and urban muck, the sales of new energy tractors will increase significantly, accounting for more than 50%, and the growth rate of new energy dump trucks will also increase. more than special vehicles.

3.The market ushered in a new turning point

In 2022, it has become an industry consensus that the new energy heavy truck market will achieve rapid development. However, some people in the industry pointed out that there is still a "false fire" in the industry, and the market has reached an important node in the transformation from pure subsidies to commercialization.


"The current surge in sales of new energy heavy trucks is the result of the policy's 'hurried encouragement and extreme encouragement'. From an objective point of view, new energy heavy trucks are currently mainly used in short-distance transportation and special scenarios, and the distance is still 'full bloom' in the market. There is a long way to go.” According to Cao Guangping, an independent researcher of new energy and intelligent connected vehicles, to promote the development of new energy heavy trucks, it is far from enough to rely on policy support, and it is necessary to align the technical route with the real market demand.