HUALONG Cabin tilt Pumps and Cabin Tilt Cylinders

Established in 1999 by Mr Ni, HUALONG specilise in the line of manufacting cabin tilt pumps and cab tilt cylinders for cabin tilt system which are used by main European and chinese Truck manufacturers like Iveco, Daf, Renault, Scania and Volvo,Shachman,Beijing Benz,JAW

Due to its long experience since many years and to its efficient and lean organization, HUALONG ensures its customers high quality standards, pre- and after sales services and competitive prices in the cabin tilt systems aftersales market.

HUALONG produces a great variety of cabin tilt products all by our high standard machines and as such these cabin tilt products are in compliance to the original equipment manufacturers standards.

HUALONG guarantees the best quality of cabin tilt products available in the aftersales market.Beneficial to that,that HUALONG’s customers will always receive cabin tilt products according to the latest product improvements, quality standards and product revisions.

By being able to produce high quality and competitive cabin tilt products, HUALONG can ensure that the product delivered to its customers are designed, manufactured and validated in accordance to latest standards ISO/TS.