Procedure of using Cabin Tilt Pump

and Cabin Tilt cylinder(Mechanism)

1.1 Take out the unfixed items in the cab before turning over.

1.2 The mask must be opened before turning over the cab.

1.3 When turning over, no one should stand near the front of the driver!

1.4 Turn the conversion handle of the oil pump to the "f" position, and shake the oil pump by hand to turn it over.

Turning operation

1.5 Turn the cab back to its original position: turn the conversion handle of the cabin tilt pump to the "l," position, and shake the hand pump to turn the cab back.

Warning: Due to the automatic fallback feature of the cabin tilt cylinder at the end of the fallback.When the pin is 40-1 OOmm from the lock hook, the cab will automatically fall back.

1.6 When driving narrowly and falling down, the rubber bellows connected to the upper air intake must be in close contact with the lower air intake to prevent dust from entering.

1.7 Finally, check the lock signal light on the instrument panel. If the cab is not locked, the lock signal light will come on.

Note: Every time the cab is turned over, it must be turned to the bottom, that is, beyond the top dead center, to enter the operation after the cab is turned over.

When the cab is in the upturned state, it is forbidden for people to enter the cab!

2. Refueling and exhaust of the flip system

Refueling and venting of the flip system can only be done after the cab is flipped back into place.

The hydraulic oil adopts HVN32 low temperature hydraulic oil, and the dosage is about O. 4 liters. Before refueling, you must check whether the hydraulic oil is clean,

Filling can only be done if the requirements are met.

Refueling steps:

(1) Open the oil plug 4, add the specified hydraulic oil, and fill it up.

(2) Continue to refuel while slowly turning up the driving motorcycle with the cabin tilt pump.

(3) Drop the cab while letting the excess oil spill out.

(4) Use the cabin pump to turn up the cab and check and replenish the oil after falling back to the original position until it is full.

(5) Finally, screw the oil plug t.

3. Flip system function check

(1) Turn the cab forward to the top dead center, check the situation that the cab falls after exceeding the top dead center, if the system

If it works normally, the cab should fall slowly with damping without impact.

(2) Flip the cab about 30 degrees. , the cab should be able to remain in this position for 20 minutes without sinking.