Maintenance Interpretation of two cab tilting mechanisms

When it comes to ergonomic design, the first thing that comes to mind is a comfortable cab, ergonomic seat,steering wheel,shift lever,and more. These designs have greatly improved our driving comfort and are humanized designs that can be seen and touched. However,in my opinion,these designs are still inferior to another classic ergonomic design, which can flip the cab.

The reversible cab greatly simplifies the maintenance process of the vehicle and is one of the most classic designs in the truck industry. At present, almost 100% of heavy-duty trucks with flat cabs support the flip function, and even light trucks that rarely had this function before are now more and more adopting the flip technology. However, it is convenient to be flipped, but the complex flipping mechanism will inevitably cause some problems. Today I will introduce some relevant knowledge and tips of the truck cab flipping system.

● Torsion bar type Simple structure

Light trucks generally use a torsion bar flip mechanism

The cab of the truck itself is heavy, and it is impossible to turn it over by manpower alone, so a set of power assist devices is required. The power assist device is divided into torsion bar type and hydraulic type in terms of working principle. In simple terms, the torsion bar type relies on one or two iron bars with good elasticity to provide auxiliary power, and the cab is lifted by manpower.

Torsion bar principle

If you don't understand, you can imagine twisting the towel. When it is the tightest, the towel will have a certain elasticity. When you let go, the towel will return to its original state by itself. This is the torsion bar type cab turning system. working principle. When the cab is lowered to the lowest position, the torsion bar is twisted, and the elastic force is released when the cab is lifted, thus providing a boost.Torsion bar type turning mechanism

The torsion bar type cab power-assisted turning mechanism has the advantages of simple structure and good reliability, but with continuous use, the elastic force of the torsion bar will become lower and lower. If your cab uses this power assist system, and the lifting process is very heavy and difficult to lift, you can open the doors on both sides of the cab, and then you can easily lift the heavy cab. However, this method has certain damage to the hinge of the door, so it can only be used in an emergency, and the elastic force of the torsion bar should be adjusted as soon as possible.

● Hydraulic type with large lifting force and complex structure

Manpower Hydraulic Tilting System

Hydraulic tilting system, as the name suggests, hydraulic tilting is a system that relies on hydraulic power to lift the cab. From the power source, the hydraulic turning system is also divided into manual type and electric type. Since there are not many times when turning the cab, the manpower is sufficient, so most of the heavy trucks now use the manpower hydraulic turning system.

Hydraulic tilting system

The biggest advantage of the hydraulic turning system is that the lifting force is large enough, no matter how heavy the cab can be easily jacked up, which is unmatched by the torsion bar power assist system. But it also has shortcomings, the structure is too complicated, the failure rate is  

higher than that of the torsion bar type, and it also has higher requirements for maintenance.

In addition, the front panel of most models will interfere with the frame when the cab is turned over, so you must remember to open the front panel before turning over, otherwise the front panel will be damaged.

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