What are the more common inferior heavy truck accessories

        Heavy truck parts are reserved for truck drivers every day, especially for parts that are prone to wear and tear. In fact, after purchasing it yourself, daily replacement or maintenance will be easier. However, there are many accessory brands on the market, and many merchants also have a large number of different types of accessories. In the auto parts market, product quality does vary, and inferior parts are also common. Let's introduce what are the common inferior products, and you should avoid buying such products when buying auto parts.

        Brake pads. The brake pads need to be replaced every once in a while, which directly affects the vehicle's brake safety. When purchasing brake pads, it is still necessary to have a high friction coefficient and good high temperature resistance. And many inferior products have not been tested at all. How can products with unqualified quality guarantee safety?

        Brake drum. Brake drums in heavy truck accessories will withstand very large forces. If the quality is not too hard, then it is very easy to break, and there may be deformation. If the brake drum really has a certain amount of debris, it may also bring safety hazards to other vehicles. Therefore, we must choose the brake drums of big brands, so that at least it is safe and can avoid losses.

        Three filters. For daily vehicle maintenance, the three filters must still be replaced frequently, depending on the specific use of the vehicle. If you buy heavy truck parts yourself, the inferior three-filter really has a very big impact on the air quality in the car, but it will have an impact on our health. Therefore, we must choose products that match the model of the truck and have excellent quality. The subsequent use of high-quality three filters can really make us more at ease during use.