How to compare the spot quality of heavy truck cab pump from

        Any part of the heavy truck plays a vital role, especially if the cab pump fails, even if it is only a slight crack, etc., it may cause potential safety hazards or even cause serious failures. If the cab pump has been found to be faulty, in most cases we need to be repaired, but if it cannot be repaired, it can only be replaced. However, the purchase of such accessories also needs to be considered in many aspects, and special attention should be paid to how the quality of the real objects is. It will be easier to buy after seeing the real objects.

        Whether the protective layer is intact

        Regular brands of cab pumps will have a certain protective layer, the product will be inspected before leaving the factory, and the protective layer will be packaged after passing the inspection to avoid subsequent storage and installation. So after we get the real thing, we should do the basic inspection work as soon as possible. We must determine whether the protective layer is intact and intact. If there are some rust spots or the packaging is damaged, there may be a problem with the real thing itself. I suggest you buy it directly.

        Confirming the connection location

        Even if many positions of the cab pump are integrated, the overall inspection work should be done. If there is a problem with the connection position, there will definitely be a very large impact, which will cause the subsequent vehicles to be unsafe. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the situation between spare parts. Only in this way can we really determine the quality of a good oil pump. It is recommended that you should do a lot of comparisons. After seeing the real things, you must do a good job of basic comparisons to ensure that there will be no problems when you purchase high-quality oil pumps for subsequent use.