Three great tricks to identify the authenticity of Volvo truck parts

        Because the truck parts market is mixed, and even many fake brand professionals need to see the real thing, the certification comparison can analyze whether it is genuine, so we should still be cautious when buying such accessories. Volvo truck parts are a special type, and need to be purchased for different models of brand trucks, and to ensure the quality of good parts. So how to verify the authenticity of accessories?

        Ultra-low-cost accessories are mostly parallel

        As long as you have purchased truck parts, you should be very clear that high-quality parts cannot be sold at ultra-low prices, and many brands have their own fixed settings, and the price is uniform. So if the price of truck parts is very low, it is already lower than the average market price, then basically it can be determined that it is parallel imports.

Determine whether the package has clear parameters

        The regular Volvo truck parts are required to indicate the corresponding parameters on the packaging according to the requirements, and the overprint must ensure accuracy, and also need a trademark, manufacturer name, etc. Therefore, when we select this type of product, we must pay special attention to the corresponding situation of good packaging, so that we can basically determine the actual situation of good accessories and whether it is guaranteed to be genuine.

The condition of the material must be determined

        The materials of high-quality Volvo truck parts must also be very good, and the brand merchants must go through various inspections on the materials. If the physical quality is not good, it has been determined that the quality of the material is defective, and basically it cannot be used. If there are some rust spots on the parts, or even some deterioration of the rubber position, even a slight deformation, it proves that the quality of the accessories is not too hard. It is recommended that you do not buy them at will.