How to tell if the Scania cab pump is damaged? What to do?

        Scania cab pump is a very important device. If the fuel pump is damaged during the driving of the truck, some unfavorable phenomena will also occur when the vehicle cannot continue to drive. For example, the failure to catch fire is mostly related to the cab tilt pump, which requires our special attention. But if the oil pump is damaged, you must make a good judgment. What phenomena prove that the oil pump is damaged? How to deal with oil pump damage?

        What are the symptoms of a broken cab pump?

If the Scania cab tilt pump is used normally, the vehicle will run without problems and may not be damaged for many years, but the damage will also have certain precursors. For example, there is a weakness in acceleration, and when you refuel, you feel a azole car. It may take a long time for the truck to catch fire when the truck is started, or there may be some buzzing abnormal sounds, which may be caused by the two failures. The engine fault light in the truck or the engine shake may be caused by a malfunction of the oil pump.

        Can I continue to use the cab pump if it fails?

        When the above symptoms are found, you can basically determine that there is a certain problem with the cab tilting pump. Even the best Scania oil pump has a failure, you must eliminate the fault before you can continue to use the truck. The truck's cab pump is severely damaged, and the truck is certainly unusable. Even if you can start it barely, do not continue to drive, otherwise more safety problems may occur. It is recommended to do a good vehicle inspection to determine the cause and condition of the oil pump failure, and then deal with it. In most cases, the oil pump can only be replaced if it has a serious failure. You need to purchase a special oil pump of the Scania brand to ensure that installation and use are not affected.