The cab tilt pump must be regularly maintained

Even if the quality of the cab tilt pump for the cab flip that we purchased is very good, it also needs regular maintenance, because the cab tilt pump is the heart of a vehicle. If a malfunction occurs, it will not only cause the vehicle to not be used normally, but may also Induce certain security risks. Therefore, this type of cab tilt pump must be regularly maintained, so as to ensure a longer service life and also ensure absolute safety.

Check after 500 hours of operation

After the cab tilt pump has been installed normally, we have to check to determine whether there are some other aspects of improper installation. Especially if the new cab tilt pump is replaced, but it is not the original product, you must do a basic test. Moreover, after running for 500 hours, it is necessary to re-check to determine the specific conditions of transportation. If there is an inappropriate position, it must be adjusted immediately, so as to avoid the occurrence of failures.

Check after 2000 hours of operation

If it has been determined that there is no serious failure of the cab tilt pump for turning the cab, then after the vehicle has been running for 2,000 hours, a full inspection is also required. Disassembly inspection must be carried out, so as to determine whether there are some parts that are seriously worn out and need to be repaired. If there are problems, they must be adjusted in time so that the normal use of the vehicle can be restored.