The timing of refueling your car can increase the life of your Cab tilting pump!

Most people today drive cars that run on gas, so refueling is inevitable. Many people do n’t know, in fact, there are some tricks to refuel a car. Most people will have certain misunderstandings when refueling a car. These misunderstandings will cause damage to the car, so today I will tell you something you ca n’t do when refueling a car. By the way, did you commit these two shortcomings when you refueled your car?

First, do not refuel until the oil gauge is on. When purchasing a car, the statement in the car will inform you that when the car oil meter shows that 1/4 of the oil is left, you can refuel the car. The reason the notice tells you to do this is to maintain the car's Cab tilting pump. The heat dissipation installation in the automobile Cab tilting pump can only be immersed in the oil to cool the oil. Too little oil in the automobile Cab tilting pump will cause the heat dissipation installation in the Cab tilting pump to hang in the air, and the oil will not penetrate the heat dissipation installation. It will cause the temperature of the Cab tilting pump to rise, which will cause certain damage to the Cab tilting pump, which will cause the Cab tilting pump to dissipate heat in time.

At this time, you must not wait until the yellow light on the car oil meter is lit before refueling the car. As long as the car oil meter shows that only 1/4 of the oil is left, you must refuel the car to prevent the heat installation in the car Cab tilting pump. The condition of the Cab tilting pump is scrapped. When is the best time to refuel a car? Old driver: Do this and increase the life of the pump! What should you pay attention to when you often refuel your car? Teacher: These two aspects are essential! In fact, once the yellow light is on to fuel the car once or twice, there is no major problem. If the time is long, the Cab tilting pump will be severely scrapped. This time is not as simple as refueling the car. It is necessary to replace the Cab tilting pump again. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the problem of automobile refueling to prevent damage to the Cab tilting pump.

Second, every time you refuel your car, you fill up the fuel tank. The editor thought that if the car often travels through the city, it is basically not necessary to fill up the car's gasoline. If the car is filled with gasoline, it is likely to damage the carbon canister. If the new car is filled with gasoline, the oil float and sensors will fail. However, it caused problems with the measurement of the fuel gauge, and could not sense the remaining amount of gasoline in time. Secondly, if gasoline is overfilled, it will affect the discharge of gasoline steam and gasoline steam, which will cause a great safety hazard. Therefore, everyone must pay attention to this aspect when refueling the car to prevent accidents.

At this time, some people may think this way. If you do n’t fill up the car ’s Cab tilting pump once, it ’s very troublesome to go to the gas station once, and it ’s also very time consuming. It ’s not possible to fill the pump directly, and this situation you said should be rare Come on! Although this kind of situation rarely occurs, but it still exists. When the Cab tilting pump is damaged, it will cause a lot of inconvenience for everyone, so do n’t wait until the car ’s Cab tilting pump is really broken before changing it. It ’s basically not like refueling. simple.

Fueling a car looks so simple, but there is a lot of knowledge in it. If you are not careful, it will likely cause great damage to the car's Cab tilting pump. At this time, if you want to continue to use the car, you must replace it with a new Cab tilting pump, which is a significant expense. Therefore, we must always pay attention to the state of car refueling. This will not only save money, but also protect the car from damage.