Cab tilt pump advantages and scope of use

Cab tilt pump advantages and scope of use

In recent years, the use of cab tilt pumps in various industries has increased and technology has been continuously improved. For example, vehicle maintenance, mechanical maintenance, maintenance of large mechanical equipment, etc., are widely used. What are the advantages of it?

1, the integration method has many advantages

The integrated method adopted by the cab tilting pump has been improved, the output flow is reduced, the mechanical noise is reduced, the output pulsation is small, etc., so that the whole turning speed is accelerated during the operation of the machine, the turning stability is strong, and the turning noise is low. In the whole operation process, it is necessary to greatly improve work efficiency.

2, hardware and software performance improvement

Compared with the traditional cab tilt pump, the new tilt pump has improved hardware material properties, such as the use of hydraulic components, material and functional enhancement, software function enhancement, programming software and monitoring software according to components, such as intelligent operation, without Manual operation allows you to operate and reduce the safety of manual operations. The interaction of hardware and software allows the machine to perform complex operations on the fly. And complete the work under high-precision monitoring and adjustment.

3, centralized control system makes operation more convenient

From the perspective of the overall control system of the cab tilt pump, the centralized control to the bus control system process, the transmitted information has a strong pertinence, and reliability, after the controller's data analysis and processing, generated The data is strong in real time.

At present, the cab tilt pump has obvious advantages in the operation process, and the technology is continuously improved, combined with technology and network, so that the tilt pump can be designed from the exterior, the convenience of use, and the performance improvement. And so on, therefore, its scope of use is constantly expanding.