Teach you to pick heavy truck parts

Due to the heavy weight and heavy blind spots, heavy trucks have always been high-incident models, but in fact, in addition to these objective factors, many heavy-duty truck drivers pay less attention to the quality and maintenance of their own spare parts, which ultimately leads to long-term hidden dangers of trucks. Driving, this is also an important reason for the frequent occurrence of heavy truck accidents. Today we will talk about how to better select heavy truck spare parts!

The first move - the surface has a university question, the package looks carefully

The quality of the outer packaging of the authentic truck parts is good, the writing on the box is clear, and the color of the overprint is clear. The package name should be marked with the product name, specification, model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name and telephone number. Some manufacturers also put their own marks on the accessories, some important components such as generators, distributors, fuel injection pumps, etc., also equipped with instructions for use, certificates and inspector chapters to guide users to use the correct maintenance, should be purchased Carefully recognize that you have bought fake and shoddy products.

The second measure - see if the joint is flat

During the handling and storage of truck parts, due to vibration, bumps, burrs, indentations, breakage or cracks often occur at the joints, which affects the use of parts.

The third measure - see if the surface of the part is rusted

The surface of qualified spare parts has both certain precision and bright finish. The more important the accuracy of spare parts, the stricter the anti-rust and anti-corrosion of packaging. Key components such as Cab tilt pump and Cab tilting cylinder should be carefully and carefully inspected. If parts are found to have rust spots, mildew spots or rubber cracks, loss of elasticity or obvious turning pattern on the journal surface, they should be replaced.

The fourth measure - see if the protective surface is intact

Most of the accessories are coated with a protective layer at the factory. For example, the piston pin and the bearing bush are protected by paraffin. The piston ring and the cylinder cover are coated with anti-rust oil and wrapped with wrapping paper. The valve, piston and the like are immersed in anti-rust oil and then packaged in a plastic bag. If the seal is damaged, the paper is lost, the rust preventive oil or paraffin is lost during purchase, it should be returned.

These four are some tips in the process of purchasing heavy-duty truck parts. It is not comprehensive, but at least it can guarantee that we will not be harmed by counterfeit and shoddy products. Have you learned?