cab pump//No allowance for mega trucks in Baden-Württemberg

16 Dec. 2014. The south-west of Germany will remain free of mega trucks. Baden-Wurttemberg’s minister of transport Winfried Hermann spoke out against a special permit the car manufacturer Daimler requested for mega trucks on 20 routes. According to Hermann the exemption would undermine the decision of the federal state not to participate in any trials with oversized trucks cab pumps.

With their coalition agreement the governing parties of Greens and SPD decided against the use of mega trucks. In its rejection the government is supported by the vast majority of people. According to a forsa survey, nationwide the greatest opposition to longer vehicles is in Baden Württemberg with 83 cylinder

The chairman of the Greens in Baden-Württemberg, Oliver Hildenbrand, also criticized the approach by Daimler: “These mega trucks are a danger to road traffic safety; they damage the environment and will cost billions of tax payer’s money.” Transport minister Hermann now wants to clarify why the car manufacturer is lagging behind in the use of freight trains. “Volkswagen is transporting nearly everything by rail”, said Hermann.


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