Several things must be done to prevent truck cab cylinders from bursting

        Comprehensive maintenance must be done during the daily use of the truck, especially the inspection work before long-distance driving is very important. The importance of truck cylinders should also be very clear to everyone. If the maintenance work is not done well, I believe everyone is also very clear. If you want to avoid similar accidents, you need to do a good job in the following areas.

        First, change the hydraulic oil frequently

In order to ensure the normal use of truck cylinders, the replacement of hydraulic oil is also critical. Regular inspections of the oil pumps and cylinders are required, especially if there is any oil leakage from the oil pipes. If the truck is used frequently, it must be inspected and maintained before each long-distance transportation. Any problems must be dealt with in time. It is important to replace the oil pump in case of failure.

        Second, it ’s important to buy qualified products

        It is true that there are many brands that can provide various truck accessories, and the price ranges from high to low, but any one of the spare parts on the truck is critical, and small errors may cause problems in vehicle use. If problems have been identified with the oil cylinders, oil pumps, etc., new products must be replaced in a timely manner, and they must be qualified products provided by regular brands. The oil cylinder should determine the limit valve of the hydraulic system, etc., so as not to affect the subsequent use.

        Finally, check for wear

        It is normal for the internal parts of the vehicle to be worn. As long as it does not cause malfunction within the specified range, the vehicle can also be used normally. But don't take it lightly, especially if it is determined that there is abrasion during the inspection process, it may be checked again every so often. Unusable parts need to be replaced in time.