cab tilt pump is often damaged. It turns out that you are in trouble!

No matter what kind of vehicle, more maintenance is needed after the purchase, especially heavy trucks and other daily application rates are very high. Failure to properly maintain is very prone to failure, especially improper cab pump maintenance is very easy to damage. Every part of the truck needs regular maintenance, and many parts are not caused by quality failures, but more due to improper operation. Let's take a look at which operations will affect the service life of the cab pump.

First, the fuel tank bottoms out before refueling

This is because many drivers think there is no problem, but in fact, the fuel tank has bottomed out and the refueling has a great impact on the fuel pump. In particular, truck drivers may be in a hurry to deliver goods every day, often seeing the fuel warning lights before starting to refuel. However, the oil level of the car is too low, which may lead to overheating of the cab tilting pump, and may even cause burning problems. Therefore, in order to be able to protect the vehicle well, it is necessary to refuel in advance at a quarter of the scale, so that the vehicle's oil pump can be completely cooled and it can also play a good protective role.

Second, the daily maintenance does not pay attention to wear and tear

During the normal use of the cab pump, wear occurs not because of quality problems, but also because of normal use. Of course, abnormal wear often occurs. During daily vehicle inspection and maintenance, you must also pay special attention to the wear of the cab pump. If the wear and tear are really serious, the driver must pay attention to it. Do not think that the vehicle can be started. It can be used normally without replacement. The aging or severe wear of the pump core of the oil pump may cause problems, and the flow rate will drop more. If there is a problem with wear, the pump core or the bracket assembly must be replaced in time.