Scania Truck Cylinder Lifts to Limits

The fuel tanks of different brands of trucks should be selected with special accessories to ensure that the models are in compliance and that the product quality is still very important. Scania truck cylinders must be selected according to the vehicle model, and also pay attention to its quality. However, if the cylinder bounces back and forth after it is lifted to the limit, it will definitely have a great impact on the use of the vehicle. So what causes this problem? What should I do?

Gear pump failure

In most cases, this kind of problem is not necessarily a malfunction of the Scania truck cylinder. It may be due to the aging of the gear pump and the long use time. The accessories should be replaced. This will cause a serious problem of internal leakage. In the process of use, the temperature of the hydraulic oil will also increase, and the loss of the vehicle is still great, and there may be some hidden safety hazards in other aspects. Therefore, in order to avoid the failure of daily use of the truck, we must do a good job in troubleshooting. Only by determining the replacement of severely worn parts can we guarantee it.

Reversing valve safety valve opening pressure is low

In most cases, the scania truck's bounce problem may be caused by the low opening pressure of the safety valve, but this kind of problem does not happen often, but if there is no problem with the gear pump, it is recommended to check it. If a slow descent occurs, it may also be because the directional valve is not tightly closed and there is a certain leakage problem. At this time, the directional valve needs to be replaced. Some accessories that cannot be used anymore are not recommended to continue to "come right", the safety of the vehicle is the most important thing.