Do these 5 things to prevent truck hydraulic cylinder burst safety accidents

Recently, during the unloading process of a truck, a sudden encounter with a lifting Cab cylinder or oil pipe burst, the cargo box suddenly fell down, and a serious accident occurred, causing serious damage to the car. This type of hydraulic lifting system has a problem that occurs from time to time. The 100-ton dump trucks that are unpredictable like the one in the picture may cause damage to not only the vehicle, but also the driver.

According to the analysis of friends, the direct cause of the accident should be the burst of the first-stage Cab cylinder of the hydraulic lifting system, which caused the cargo box to lose its support and fall quickly when it slumped, and of course it did not remove the elements of the oil pipe break. We suggested that when the dump truck is unloaded, do not lift the throttle quickly and choose a qualified hydraulic lifting product and check the oil pipe, Cabin cylinder and hydraulic pipe interface frequently.


▎Precautions for the safety hazards of dump trucks

Of course, in addition to the situation where the fuel tank or oil pipe bursts and the cargo box is smashed, the dump truck rolls over during the unloading process and the end of the unloading has forgotten to lower the bucket to cause a pedestrian overpass accident, so in practice, then How can drivers prevent the occurrence of these accidents? An old driver summarized the following 5 precautions:

1. When loading a dump truck, try to ensure that the load is even and try to prevent excessive overload.

2. When stopping the lifting operation, stop using the big throttle to lift the top, and try to stick to the proper speed to lift at a uniform speed. Low gearbox.

3. Change the hydraulic oil frequently, check the Cab cylinder, check the pump, and check the oil pipe.

4. When choosing an unloading location, try to choose a flat and solid location.

5. Select qualified products and ensure that the hydraulic system has relief valves and limit valves.

In fact, most of the accidents about dump trucks can be prevented. As long as the driver has a safe understanding in the operation process and a set of standard operating procedures, the incidence of these accidents can be greatly reduced. As for the fleet, it is not only necessary to rely on the driver's safety awareness, but also to develop a set of standardized operating procedures to check the driving status and load status of the vehicle.