Solve truck cab pump replacement frequency

The importance of truck maintenance is self-evident. Keeping a car is really important. If you are not careful, you may fall into the consumer trap. The truck cab pump is one of the basic components in the vehicle system, but owners may not be familiar with the cab pump. This kind of cab pump is mainly to say that the fuel is sucked out from the fuel tank and then sent to the fuel supply pipe under pressure to ensure the continuous fuel supply of the fuel injection nozzle, which is an important part of the vehicle. These cab pumps need to be replaced after a period of use, but how often is it correct to replace them?

Follow the principle of failure replacement

After all, the price of truck cab pumps is not low, so it is not recommended to replace them regularly. Most of them should be checked for faults. This type of cab pump follows the principle of failure replacement as much as possible, which can also save us a lot of costs. In fact, detecting the failure of the cab pump is very simple. After starting the car, listen to whether there is a "humming" sound. If there is an abnormal noise, a certain failure has occurred. Then check with the fuel pressure gauge, if the oil pressure is low, the cab pump must be replaced.

Abnormal jitter needs attention

If you feel a buzzing noise when you start the car, and you also find that the engine is abnormally shaken, and the fault light is displayed, then the truck cab pump is basically faulty and needs to be replaced in time. Because the cab pump is not very serious at the beginning, the truck may not have a big problem, but you must pay special attention to check and pay attention. If there is really any kind of jitter problem, it is likely to have a very large problem. Impact, so it is recommended to regularly check the cab pump and vehicle interior, if there is a problem, you can find and deal with it as soon as possible