Hualong Auto Parts will explain to you what are the main parts in the truck

The main components of the truck are the five components of the suggestion machine, chassis, body and electrical equipment, and tires.

The recommended engine is the truck's power equipment, which is composed of 2 major organizations and 5 major systems: crank connecting rod organization, gas distribution organization, cooling system, fuel supply system, smooth system, incineration system, and starter system. system.

The chassis consists of a drive train, a travel train, a steering train and a brake train.

The body equipment is on the chassis of the chassis, which is used by drivers, passengers to load or load goods. The body of passenger cars and buses is generally planned, and the body of trucks is usually composed of the cab and the cargo box.

Electrical equipment consists of two major sources of power and electrical equipment. Power sources include batteries and generators; electrical equipment includes the starter system of recommended engines, the incineration system of gasoline engines, and other electrical equipment.

Tire is one of the important parts of the truck. It directly touches the road surface and impacts the truck when it comes along with the truck suspension to ensure the truck has outstanding ride comfort and smooth ride.