If the hydraulic cylinder oil becomes dirty long-term synchronous operation way

If the oil of the hydraulic cylinder is found to be dirty, then we need to check in time to find out the specific cause, so as to facilitate the treatment. Usually, the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic cylinder will appear in such a situation, which can be mainly attributed to three reasons.

First, we should be in time to look at the system of water system is mixed with oil, and if so, then it means that push organization v-shaped sealing ring is damaged, should be replaced with the new V, if not, you should check to see if the fuel tank filler did not cover, cause or other debris into the water, so this time shall be of the hydraulic oil filter, And in addition to the water, at the same time to cover the tank filling mouth, the last case is to check the hydraulic system components, so as to determine whether there is damage caused by oil pollution.

Secondly, if we find that the piston rod of the main hydraulic cylinder produces obvious vibration, then it is also necessary to check in time. The main inspection contents are: 1, whether the oil level is too low, resulting in the pump suction air caused by the hydraulic cylinder piston cylinder truck crawling, if that's the problem, then it shall timely come on, keep it enough, 2, check to see if the main oil pump oil absorption system leak, if it is for this reason, so should be timely find leak location for processing.

In addition to the above two main reasons, it may also be caused by the compression of the V-shaped seal ring in the push mechanism of the hydraulic cylinder. Generally, this situation is easy to occur after overhaul, so it should be adjusted appropriately, or to check whether the oil temperature is too high, resulting in the main hydraulic cylinder piston support ring bite to death.

Hydraulic cylinder is the hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, do linear reciprocating motion of the hydraulic actuator, its simple structure, reliable work, with it to achieve reciprocating motion, can be relieved from the deceleration device, and no transmission clearance, smooth movement, so in a variety of mechanical hydraulic system has been widely used.

In daily use, we often encounter the need to make two hydraulic cylinders run synchronously, then you can use the synchronization loop of hydraulic synchronous motor, hydraulic tilt cylinder because of the same size and high machining accuracy, so that the flow of each hydraulic motor is basically the same, so as to achieve speed synchronization. Synchronization accuracy mainly depends on the machining accuracy of hydraulic motor and hydraulic cylinder and the uniformity of load. Because machining error always exists, synchronization error is inevitable.

Or using proportional valve synchronous circuit, this synchronization circuit is made up of servo cylinder, with built-in displacement sensor or with external ordinary cylinder displacement sensor and a proportional valve, formed by displacement sensor and proportional valve closed loop control to realize the accurate synchronization control, two proportional valve control signal, a set as reference signal, another is set to follow the signal.

USES such as flow double pump can also make the two hydraulic cylinder synchronization, hydraulic servo compensation device is made up of position error detection device, feedback device and machine hydraulic servo valve, two piston rod hinged with the beam with two roller, by means of the steel band around the two roller can detect the position error of two hydraulic cylinders, and through the feedback amplifier feedback to control the servo valve, Thus the size of the compensated oil supply flow to the two cylinders is controlled.

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