Inferior truck parts seriously affect truck life

The truck runs all year round, and there are many parts that are worn out and replaced for a long time is necessary. However, the current truck parts industry is a mixed bag. Even though the specifications of the parts are the same, there are differences in quality, which will have a great impact on subsequent use. Inferior parts not only lead to a reduced service life, they may even bring some driving danger. Therefore, there are some inferior accessories that we absolutely cannot choose, and there must be a comparison process when purchasing.

Inferior brake drum

The quality of the brake drum in truck accessories has a great impact on the driving safety of the vehicle. During the running of the vehicle, the brake drum itself has to bear huge pressure. If its quality is not good, it will be easier to crack and deform the primary. Once broken, other vehicles will be affected on the road. Therefore, the choice of brake drum must pay attention to the brand and quality, so as not to affect.

Inferior filter

The three filters of daily-used vehicles are regularly replaced according to the condition of the vehicle, although we only need to determine the model to buy the appropriate product. However, the market for three filters is really very confusing. It is not difficult to buy such truck parts, but it is difficult for us to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages. It may even result in no filtering effect and cause danger.

Inferior clutch plate

Clutch plates are very easily damaged parts, and we also try to ignore them every day. However, there are many brands of such products on the market, and inferior products abound, and it is difficult for us to distinguish them. However, if its quality is not hard, there will be problems such as abnormal jitter and incomplete separation at the start, and subsequent use will also lead to hidden safety hazards.