Daily use of the cab lift cylinder requires maintenance work

    Once the cylinder fails, the vehicle is not safe enough to drive. Although most brands of cab lift cylinders have carried out strict quality control, if they cannot be maintained during daily use, their service life will also be affected. Therefore, the basic maintenance of the cylinder cannot be ignored, and the cylinder can be used for a longer period of time.

Do a good job of preheating

    Every time you use the cab to lift the cylinder, you should pay special attention to the test run, first test run, and then confirm that the air in it is emptied, and the preheating work should also be done, so that it will naturally also be able to ensure good The effect of operation. As long as the trial operation is completed, the air or moisture in the system can be avoided to prevent the oil cylinder from burning out or bursting, so the basic operation work cannot be ignored.

    Check each link location

    There are many link positions inside the lift cylinder of the cab. After a period of use, some loosening problems may occur. Pay attention to the positions of threads, bolts, etc., only in this way can the normal use of a good cylinder be guaranteed. And pay special attention to the inspection of the piston rod position. If there is serious wear, it also needs to be replaced later. The details and positions are well maintained to make the use of the cylinder more secure.