Periodic cleaning and testing of the cab cylinder can extend the service life

    The price of the cab cylinder is not low, and once the cylinder fails, it will naturally affect subsequent applications, and even cause safety hazards in the use of the vehicle. Therefore, no matter what type of vehicle, the cylinder should be cleaned and inspected regularly, only in this way can its service life be extended.

    Ensure the cleanliness of the foundation

    In the process of using the cab to flip the cylinder, it is necessary to periodically replace the hydraulic oil according to the usage, and then clean the system filter, and ensure its cleanliness. If there are more impurities, it will definitely affect subsequent applications and cause some failures.

    Control system temperature

    It is recommended that the oil temperature should be controlled, because excessively high oil temperature will lead to insufficient sealing of some internal parts and lead to various leaks. Therefore, the oil temperature must be controlled. If oil leakage has been found, it may also be because the seal has been deformed. Then it must be replaced in time.

    Check regularly

    Because there are many internal faults in the cab tilt cylinder that cannot be judged from the outside, we must still check the vehicle internally. And also pay attention to the inspection of the piston rod. If there is bumps, scratches, etc., it is urgent to pay attention to maintenance and cleaning, so as not to affect the overall application of the cylinder.