How is the high quality of cab tilt pump produced

    In the market,there are always products with different quality.And there are many problems accuesed.So customers are confused with the quality.How a good cab tilt pump is made and produced? Here are some basic things:

    1.Perfect design.A good design of pump can help save a lot of work and make sure the cabin pump can get its working requirements.Usually for cabin pump.The working pressure is 25Mpa.But when we are design,a pump can usually gets to 35Mpa.So the tilt pump can get its max pressure.And also the diemsions are also very important when it is mounted on the trucks or other working area.That can insure the tilt pump can be perfectly mounted.And one more thing,that can make sure high precise of the pump when in manufacting.So as a tilt pump supplier,design working is fisrt and very important step to make a good and high quality product.


    2.High quality of materials.As the same thing to all products,materials are very important for the success of products.As it comes to hydraulic products,there are even important.High quality of O rings,tube,piston,grand circels,steel cover,tank are the keys for a good pump.For the rings,they need to resist high temputure and oil.It should be also anti-friction.For rings,they must be tested for its working times like how many pumps down and up they can get.And so to meet our requirements.Usually seals are so important for a good cab tilting pump.And for the tank,the need to resist high pressure and avovid leakage.So in this case,when everytime the materials comes from supplier,we should examine and make a report of them to make sure all the details can meet our specifications.

    3.Good manufacting.After we have the design and high quality of materials,then comes to the production.This need us the make sure every step is according to our specifications.So when in producing,we need to use CNC to proccess the material to make sure the precise.Every step need the examined by our workers and technicians.


    4.Good asambling and test.When all parts are ready.They should be good assambled and all should be tested before shippment.

    High quality is the life of our factory.And we are consistantly get feedbacks from our customers and develop our productions.And thus our cab titling pump share great market and have a good reputation in our cutomers .Hope every partners can grow with us and have a good business in automobile industry.